1. Security tight across Iraq as millions prepare to mark Imam Ali’s martyrdom anniversay
    Iraqis are preparing to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali—the first Shia Imam amid escalation of violence across the country.
  2. The Saudi authorities released a Shiite citizen following two years of detention
    Al Yaseen was arrested by the security forces on suspicion for participation in anti-government protests held in Qatif city before two years.
  3. SARS-like virus hits Saudi health workers
    NEW YORK, May 16, (AP): A deadly new respiratory virus related to SARS has apparently spread from patients to health care workers in eastern Saudi Arabia, health officials said Wednesday.
  4. ‘Battle’ for mosques in Sunni-Shiite divide
    DUBAI, July 23, (AFP): Sunni Muslim extremists and Shiite Zaidi rebels in Yemen are waging a battle for the control of mosques, in a spillover of the sectarian face-off rattling the Middle East.
  5. Taliban Lures Children to Become Suicide Bombers
    Taliban terrorists gather starving children as young as eight years old in Afghanistan to plant deadly roadside booby traps, be decoys in ambushes and even act as suicide bombers.
  6. Govt to Place Sampang Shiites’ Future in Sunni Leaders’ Hands
    A central government plan to allow Madura Island’s persecuted Shiites to return home from exile in Sidoarjo, East Java, hinges on the proposal’s acceptance by local religious leaders — including those accused of inciting violent anti-Shia sentiment among the island’s Sunni majority.
  7. Deaths in mortar attack on Iraqi police post
    At least nine policemen killed in attack on federal police checkpoint in the town of Shurra, south of Mosul.
  8. Syrian Shia pilgrims stay on in Iraq
    As conflict rages in Syria, growing community of Syrian Shia pilgrims decide not to return home.