1. Shiite Muslims Win 8 Seats in Kuwait Parliament
    Kuwait’s Shia minority has won eight seats in the parliamentary elections that were held for the second time in eight months, official results show.
  2. A suicide bomber shot killed trying to reach Shiite Mosque
    Hazara Town residents gunned down a suicide bomber who along with his accomplices was trying to target an Imam Bargah in the area on Saturday.
  3. Indonesia: Sampang Shiites Worried Conversions Will Haunt Homecoming Plan
    Iklil Al Milal, a Shiite cleric and representative of Sampang’s community in exile, said numerous meetings with Sunni ulema from the Board of Madura Clerics (Bassra) hinged on the same assertion: that the Shiites must renounce their beliefs and convert to Sunni Islam.
  4. Delegation from Imam Kadhim & Imam Ali shrines honored by visiting Imam Hussein shrine
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Secretaries-General of the Imam Ali and Imam El-Kadhim holy shrines His Eminence Sheikh Diya’ Ed-Deen Zain Ed-Deen, and Dr. Jemal Ed-Debbagh, have had the honor to have visited the Imam Hussein holy shrine responding to an invitation directed by the Secretary-General of the EL-Abbas holy shrine Sayed Ahmed Es-Safi.
  5. Imam Hussein School intensifies its activities during Remadan month
    Imam Hussein School in the Imam Hussein holy shrine has intensified its activities during Remadan month.
  6. Bahraini opposition vows continuing protests
    Bahrainis will continue their protests against the government because the ruling regime has failed to propose political solutions to meet people’s demands, a top Bahriani opposition figure has said.
  7. Another massacre in Aleppo, 123 people killed by US-funded Terrorists
    Militants in Syria’s volatile governorate of Aleppo have mascaraed 123 people after they gained more power with receiving fresh packs of heavy arms from their foreign supporters.
  8. Al-Nusra Front commander ‘Abu Uthman al-Iraqi’ killed in Homs / video
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Syrian military forces have killed Abu Uthman al-Iraqi, a senior commander of al-Nusra Front terrorist group in the Homs province, al-Alam reports.
  9. Bahraini civil forces raid home of young martyr Fadhel Al Obeidi
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The mother of martyr Fadhel Mirza al-Obeidi was taken by surprise on Saturday morning, July 27th, 2013 when civil security agents surrounded her house and entered the premises without knocking or asking permission. The biggest surprise was when they asked whether her son, “Fadhel” was at home or not, the mother chose to answer them in her own way: “Yes” she said, “He’s in his room, the graveyard!”
  10. Parachinar blasts death toll reaches 60 Shiite Muslims
    Shiite families mourned the dead as those martyred in Friday’s twin blasts were laid to rest in their respective areas as the death toll rose to 60 on Saturday.