1. Attacks targeting Shiites in Iraq kill 67
    Baghdad: Attacks mainly targeting Shiite-majority areas of Iraq killed at least 57 people Tuesday, and security forces killed 10 militants, officials said, as the interior ministry warned of civil war.
  2. The Bahraini Regime insults it’s Shiite community with direct threats and accusations
    The regime in Bahrain has made direct accusations and threats against the Shiite sect in the country, at a time of continued domination and control by the regime and the ruling family, of the legislative, judicial and executive powers in Bahrain.
  3. Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Ali (A) / Biography
    Imam Ali was martyred on 21st Ramadan 40 A.H. by an assassin who mortally wounded the Holy Imam with a poisoned sword in the Mosque at Kufa during morning prayers on 19th Ramazan.
  4. Pakistan: Five Shiites Killed in DI Khan Prison Attack
    DERA ISMAIL KHAN: As many as 243 prisoners escaped as Takfiri militants carrying heavy weapons stormed Dera Ismail Khan’s Central Jail, holding as many as 5000 prisoners including 250 inmates belonging to various banned outfits here on late Monday night.
  5. Shia Muslims grieve terror attacks on Syrian shrines
    Chennai: Tamil Nadu Shia Muslim Convention has urged the UN and UNESCO-World Heritage Convention to enforce ceasefire around the 1390 years old holy shrines of Bibi Zainab, grand daughter of Prophet Mohammad and Bibi Sakina, daughter of Imam Hussain in Syria-Damascus that had been under constant attack by rebel forces since violence began there two years ago.
  6. Saudi arrests Shiites after gunbattle: report
    RIYADH: Saudi security forces arrested nine Shiites after a gunbattle in the oil-rich east, one of them wanted over protests among the minority community, a Saudi-owned newspaper reported on Tuesday.
  7. The Shia and the Battle for Survival
    It could be argued that for the Shia of Iraq – who have consolidated power after decades, if not centuries of oppression – the Syrian conflict has transformed itself from one simply about realpolitik or a battle for the region to a battle for the very survival of the Shia.
  8. Iran slams West’s hypocrisy over rights violations by terrorists in Syria
    Iran’s deputy permanent representative to the UN has censured the West’s dual approach in its refusal to condemn the violation of human rights by terrorist and extremist groups in Syria.
  9. Syria army continues mop-up operations across country
    The Syrian army is pushing ahead with mop-up operations against the militants across the country including the capital Damascus, Press TV reports.
  10. Syria ongoing violence blocks food aid from tens of thousands: UN
    The United Nations’ food agency says 600,000 people were not able to receive international food aid in July due to the ongoing violence in Syria.