1. Secretary-General of the Imam Hussein holy shrine rewards the families of martyrs in Kerbala Province
    Secretary-General of the Imam Hussein holy shrine Sheikh Abdul Mehdi El-Kerbala’i, rewarded the families of martyrs of the Imam Hussein holy shrine in Kerbala Province.
  2. Shia Activist Escapes Car Blast Near Azizabad Hussayniyah
    The bomb was planted in a car near the Azizabad Imambargah.
  3. The National Council in Bahrain Describes Shiite Citizens as “Dogs”
    The National Democratic Opposition Forces rejects the inciting, hateful and insulting speech that dominated the so-called session of the National Assembly. They called describing the majority of citizens as “dogs” an extremely dangerous and dishonorable move, and forms a serious violation of speech by the system.
  4. Police rearrest 47 prisoners from DI Khan jail break
    PESHAWAR: Police have rearrested 47 prisoners who escaped during a Taliban attack on the Dera Ismail Khan jail that killed 13 people, officials said on Wednesday.
  5. 18 dead in Iraq after bomb, gun attacks
    A series of attacks including bombings of both Shia and Sunni mosques left 18 dead in Iraq, the latest in a surge of bloodshed that is raising fears of a return to widespread sectarian killings, officials said Wednesday.
  6. Ministry urged to ban books on Shia teachings
    KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 (Bernama) — The Home Ministry was today urged to immediately ban printed materials such as books and novels written by Shia followers on the deviant religious doctrine.
  7. Kedah Shia ‘chief’ backs proposal
    SURPRISING: ‘Anti-Shia legislation in the state will prevent clashes between Sunni and Shia followers’
  8. Shias to protest against killings on Friday
    ISLAMABAD – The Shia Ulema Council on Wednesday gave a call for staging rallies on Friday against the Shia genocide.
  9. Iran Plans Its Own Sanitized Internet with Chinese Help
    Iran, with a little help from China, is putting together its own closed version of the Internet to keep its citizens from viewing material it considers unsuitable. Experts say the project is struggling and unlikely to work.
  10. Religious procession stoned, tension in Lucknow
    LUCKNOW: Tension prevailed in the old city area here when members of two groups engaged in brick-batting and arson during a religious procession, police said today.