1. Syrian refugees face child soldier recruitment, sexual abuse: UN
    The UN refugee agency warns about the dire situation of the Syrian refugees abroad, saying the exiles are facing recruitment as child soldiers, sexual violence, and exploitation for labor.
  2. ‘Malaysia after stopping Shia spread’
    The Malaysian government is seeking to prevent Shia Islam from spreading — despite the country’s hosting a 250,000-strong Shia population.
  3. Samajwadi Party losing base among Shia Muslims?
    LUCKNOW: Several Shia clerics boycotted the roza iftar hosted by chief minister Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday on the government’s failure to manage the sectarian violence in the old city and government’s apathy towards the community. The Shia clerics say that they have been disappointed by the SP government who claims to be the well-wisher of Muslims.
  4. UN to invite Iran’s President Rohani to Disarmament Conference: Official
    UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Kubish says the United Nations will soon invite Iran’s President Hassan Rohani to take part in the UN Disarmament Conference.
  5. Flash Floods kill around 170 people in Afghanistan, Pakistan
    Flash floods triggered by seasonal monsoon rains have claimed around 170 lives in Afghanistan and the neighboring Pakistan in the past several days.
  6. Pakistan on red alert after Taliban threat
    ISLAMABAD:Islamabad has been put on red alert on Monday following intelligence reports of possible terrorist attacks on sensitive installations in the city.
  7. 31,000 security elements deploy in Najaf on Eid al-Fitr
    The Commander of Najaf Police Department, Muqdad al-Musawi, reported that ”The plan will include the participation of 31,000 security elements and the Air Force as well as deployment of security checkpoints at the entrances and exists of the city.”
  8. Pakistan Baloch gunmen kill 13 bus passengers
    Separatist Baloch gunmen say that they have killed at least 13 bus passengers in the south-west of Pakistan.
  9. Syria rebels ‘capture key Aleppo airbase’
    Rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have captured a key airbase in Aleppo province, near the Turkish border, activists say.
  10. Iran’s new leader Rouhani urges ‘serious’ nuclear talks
    Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has called for “serious and substantive” negotiations with the international community about its nuclear programme.