1. Wave of Bombings in Iraq During Holiday Kills 69
    (BAGHDAD) — A wave of car bombings, mainly targeting cafes and markets around the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, killed 69 people Saturday out celebrating the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, officials said.
  2. Iran’s telecommunication companies refuse to remove bts from schools despite requests from Education ministry
    Iranian telecommunication companies refuse to remove bts (Base transceiver station) from the schools despite the requests from Education Ministry’s officials, Fars news agency reported.
  3. Ansar al-Islam Calls for Sunni Jihad in Iran
    ERBIL, Kurdistan – Ansar al-Islam, an umbrella group for Sunni Iraqi and Arab jihadists, has called for Iranian Sunnis to unite in a jihad against their Shiite clerical government.
  4. The language of anti-Shiism
    The recent wave of anti-Shiite rhetoric and sectarian polarization has caused profound concerns across the Middle East.
  5. Egypt’s Shiite Muslims saw the Sunni hatred grow under Morsi
    CAIRO — When Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt, Ahmed Helal was locked up four times in Tora prison, officials’ favorite detention facility for perceived enemies of the state.
  6. Kidnap in Lebanon linked to Syrian war
    Turkey urged its citizens to leave Lebanon after a militant group claimed the abduction early yesterday of two Turkish airline pilots travelling in a shuttle bus from Beirut’s international airport to their hotel.
  7. Indonesia volcano eruption: Six dead on Palue
    Six people have been killed in a volcanic eruption on a tiny island in Indonesia, officials have said.
  8. Iran now world’s third most polluted nation
    NCRI – Iran’s air pollution is now the third worst in the world, according to the latest World Health Organization statistics.
  9. There should not have been coercion of belief: Muhammadiyah chairman
    Displaced Shia women: Shia women from Sampang, Madura Island, East java, prepare for iftar (breaking the fast) meals at a low-cost apartment complex in Sidoarjo after they were forced to leave their homes. (JP)
  10. Journalists in Syria Face Dangers of War and Rising Risk of Abduction
    Abductions of journalists inside Syria have increased sharply this year as the ravages of the conflict have worsened and the insurgency has turned more jihadist and chaotic, making the country one of the most hostile conflict zones for news gatherers in recent memory, according to news media advocacy organizations, rights workers and veteran correspondents.