1. Saudi Prince Bandar: Sponsor of Violence against Syria
    Syria Ambitions: Prince Bandar triggers troubles for Saudi Arabia.
  2. Mecca clock tower photo shows kaaba in the shadow of Abraj Al-Bait building + Pic
    The Kaaba once took center stage, but now it appears as a minute structure at the foot of a clock tower and hotel, which opened in 2012.
  3. Bahraini King’s visit to Britain faces protest
    Pro-democracy campaigners have staged a protest against Bahraini dictator King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s visit to London.
  4. Egypt: Extremist Salafis Threaten Brother of Hassan Shehata with a Similar Massacre
    Extremist Salafi Sheikhs accompanying by 400 villagers surrounded the house of Hassan Shehata’s brother, the slaughtered Shia preacher, and threatened him and his family with a similar massacre on Friday.
  5. Bahrain: Up to 216 home raids and 42 arrests over 6 days
    The regime forces in Bahrain have arrested 42 Shiite citizens, including 2 children, and raided 216 Shiite homes over the first six days of this month.
  6. Bahrain’s Opposition: Repression cannot produce stability
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The National Democratic Opposition Parties in Bahrain expressed their condemnation of the political and security irrational measures taken by the regime in Bahrain.
  7. 10 Year-old Bahraini Boy Martyred Due to Inhalation of Toxic Gas Fired by al-Khalifa Forces
    Ali Jaffar Habib Ibrahim, a ten year old who lives in the village of Malkiya, has lost his life due to the Bahraini regime’s excessive use of teargas in residential areas as a collective punishment for holding protests for democratic transition.
  8. Finishing the rehabilitation project of the area between the Imam Hussein & El-Abbas holy shines
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The personnel of the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction finished the project of the area between the Imam Hussein and al-Abbas holy shrines.
  9. Wave of bombings in Iraq during holiday kills 69
    BAGHDAD — A wave of car bombings targeting Iraqis celebrating the end of Ramadan killed 69 people across the country Saturday, a reminder of officials’ inability to halt bloodshed that is threatening to spiral out of control.
  10. Posting pictures on Facebook, Twitter un-Islamic: Clerics
    NEW DELHI: India’s two prominent Islamic helplines are discouraging young callers, especially women, from creating profiles and posting pictures on popular social networking websites Facebook and Twitter on the ground that it is un-Islamic.