1. Hard-line lawmakers challenge new Iranian president’s proposed Cabinet
    TEHRAN, Iran — Hard-line parliamentarians challenged Monday the Cabinet proposed by Iran’s new president, accusing him of nominating ministers who are friendly to the West or who back “sedition” against the country’s clerically dominated system of government.
  2. Iran’s Rouhani appoints female Vice-president in new cabinet
    Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has appointed two Vice presidents, Fars News Agency reported.
  3. ‘No need to ban Shia teachings in state’
    KUCHING: Sarawak will not issue a fatwa (edict) banning Shia teachings as the spread of the Muslim sect is not an issue in the state.
  4. More democratic freedoms in Saudi Arabia? Not going to happen
    Saudi Arabia policies are enormously hypocritical. They discriminate against 10 percent of their own population, the Shiites, while saying they are intervening in Syria for more democracy, journalist Pepe Escobar told RT.
  5. Shiite gunmen kill Sunni in Lebanon ‘revenge’ ambush
    Baalbek: Shiite gunmen killed a Sunni man in an ambush on Sunday in eastern Lebanon in apparent revenge for a deadly attack on local Shiite clan members in June, a military source said.
  6. Beirut Turkish centres shut after pilots kidnapped
    Turkey has closed its cultural centre and commercial office in Beirut after the kidnap of two Turkish Airlines pilots, said Ankara’s ambassador to Lebanon on Monday.
  7. Lebanese authorities detain man in connection with kidnapping of 2 Turkish pilots
    BEIRUT — Lebanese police and army troops deployed in force outside Turkish businesses as well as diplomatic and cultural institutions in Beirut on Monday, hours after security forces detained a man in connection with the kidnapping last week of two Turkish pilots in the Lebanese capital, officials said.
  8. Minister backs ‘Shia conversion’
    Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali has again come under fire for allegedly supporting the forced conversion of Shia followers to Sunni Islam in a reconciliation program the government claimed was meant to end the conflict between the two Islamic denominations in Madura, East Java.
  9. Group Holding Lebanese Shiites Demands Syrian Prisoners’ Release
    The Syrian rebel group holding nine Lebanese men said it will not free them unless the government of President Bashar al-Assad releases 127 female prisoners.