1. Bahrain activists to test demo ban with US embassy rally
    DUBAI: Bahraini opposition activists, inspired by the success of street protests in Egypt, plan to demonstrate near the US embassy on Wednesday in defiance of a government ban.
  2. No New Information in Imam Musa Sadr’s Case
    The United Nations’ special envoy in Libya said no new information has been revealed about the fate of Imam Musa Sadr.
  3. Indonesian Shiites Threatened to Convert Or Will Be Beheaded And Their House Will Be Burn Down
    Several Shiites in recent days revealed their experiences of intimidation upon returning to their hometowns, with some threatened with beheading and the destruction of their homes if they did not convert to Sunnism.
  4. East Java Election may fuel intolerance toward Shia Muslims
    With the East Java gubernatorial election approaching, the nation’s Shia community has expressed concern that persecution against Shiites in East Java will escalate.
  5. Iraq Cafe Suicide Bomb Kills 16 in Shiite-Majority Town of Balad
    A suicide bomber in Iraq killed at least 16 people at a cafe in the Shia town of Balad north of Baghdad.
  6. Iraq: Attacks Amount to Crimes Against Humanity
    (Baghdad) – Militants who carried out a series of bomb attacks in Iraq on July 29, 2013, deliberately killing more than 60 people committed crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch said today. Crimes against humanity are some of the most serious crimes under international law.
  7. U.S. should hold confidential direct talks with Iran: think tank
    (Reuters) – The United States should hold confidential direct talks with Iran over its nuclear program but the West should not expect Iran’s moderate new president to offer major concessions, a prominent think-tank said on Tuesday.
  8. Kuwait pulls popular cleric from TV over sectarian comments, supporting al-Qaida-linked group
    KUWAIT CITY – Government officials in Kuwait announced Tuesday that they pulled a prominent cleric off television over previous comments they say stoked sectarian tensions and promoted an al-Qaida-linked rebel group in Syria.
  9. Kidnap of pilots could endanger Turkey’s ties with Lebanon
    BEIRUT: Turkey voiced concern Tuesday over the recent abduction of two Turkish Airlines pilots in Lebanon, saying the incident could endanger ties between Ankara and Beirut, as Iran voiced readiness to help in the search for the Turkish nationals.