1. Stalemate continues over detainment of Indian tanker by Iran
    New Delhi: Deadlock over detainment of an Indian oil tanker by Iran today entered its seventh day as both countries failed to resolve the issue despite hectic parleys.
  2. Al-Wefaq: 42 years since the independence and the Bahrainis seek real democracy
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said the people of Bahrain will continue the patriotic struggle they had begun since the independence of Bahrain before 42 years.
  3. Two Prominent Azerbaijani Shiite Activist Released From Jail / Pics
    Two Azerbaijani Shiite activist were arrested allegedly for smuggling for two years, released on Amnesty yesterday.
  4. Bahrain regime forces atrociously open fire inside home, children wounded
    Bahrain regime’s policy of impunity is encouraging security forces to act inhumanely and perpetrate atrocities with no legal, religious or moral deterrent whatsoever.
  5. Pakistan: Five Taliban militants in court for their role in attack on a Shia mosque
    At least five pro-Taliban militants have appeared in court for their role in a potentially devastating attack on a Shia mosque located on the outskirts of the capital, Islamabad.
  6. Syria army seizes arms smugglers near Qusayr
    Syrian army has seized a large pack of arms in Rif al-Qusayr, along Syria’s borders with Lebanon, as a group of militants were trying to smuggle it.
  7. Iran faces one-third budget shortfall: Report
    DUBAI: Iran faces a shortfall of one third in this year’s budget due to lower than expected revenues and spending plans will be revised next month, senior government officials said.
  8. We want foreign policy change: Iran president
    TEHRAN: Iran’s new president said Saturday that his countrymen elected him to change the country’s foreign policy and shift away from the bombastic style adopted under his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
  9. US sanctions on Iran are hindering progress on scientific research
    US sanctions against Iran are getting in the way of improving human health, Saleh Zahediasl, a professor of physiology at Tehran’s Endocrine Research Center, wrote in medical journal The Lancet.