1. Solution to Syria’s crisis lies in dialogue not destruction
    IN the next few days, it is highly probable that the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea will play host to a number of strangers.
  2. Brits Kill Chances for War With Iran
    Something remarkable happened in London yesterday. Members of Parliament prevented Prime Minister Cameron from joining in a U.S.-led attack on Syria. For the first time since Vietnam, the British government, reflecting the views of the British people, is refusing to be led into war by the United States.
  3. Syria, Iran Threaten Retaliation; Russia Sends Warships
    Syrian allies Iran and Russia are working together to prevent a Western military attack on Syria, the Iranian president said, as Russia said it is sending warships to the Mediterranean, where U.S. ships are already in position.
  4. Fuel Supply-Demand Deficit Widens Without Iran, EIA Says
    Excluding Iran from the global oil market increased the shortfall between worldwide supply and demand, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said.
  5. Facebook post supposedly written by Assad’s son invites Americans to attack Syria
    The post claims that if Syria is invaded it will be a fight against “every Syrian, with, against, terrorists, the army”
  6. Muslim group’s Merdeka video says Shia teachings, Christianity are threats
    Islamic group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) has produced a video clip for the National Day celebrations tomorrow, criticising several other groups they say are attempting to alter policies that favour Malays and Bumiputeras.
  7. Iran Releases Plans for Manned Spacecraft
    After Iran launched a monkey in a suborbital rocket earlier this year, they are now setting their sights on sending humans to orbit, according to the Iranian news agency ISNA. The news release says researchers at the University of Haj Nasir “have designed and built a manned spacecraft,” but only images of basic designs were released.
  8. Iraq protests planned over MPs’ pensions despite ban
    Organisers said Friday they will go ahead with demonstrations in Baghdad over allegations of lavish MPs’ pensions even as much of Iraq struggles to survive, despite objections from security forces.
  9. Iran to set up forced labour camp for drug smuggling prisoners
    Iran is currently constructing a forced labour camp in the capital Tehran for drug-smuggling related prisoners, head of Iran’s Prisons Organisation said on Friday.