1. Hijab-wearing Girls Banned from School in Azerbaijan
    The Azerbaijan Republic’s minster of education said girls who wear Hijab will not be allowed into high schools.
  2. German Chancellor Refuses German Assistance for Airstrikes against Syria
    Germany will not take part in any military action against Syria, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday.
  3. Syria Rebuffs US Claims on Chemical Attack as “False”, “Full of Fabrication”
    The Syrian government dismissed US allegations that Damascus was behind a recent chemical weapons attack, saying they are “based on old stories,” and “full of fabrication and lies.”
  4. Twin bomb blasts kill 13, injure 18 in north Iraq
    At least 13 people, mostly children, have been killed and 18 others, including a baby, wounded in twin bomb blasts hitting the northern Iraqi town of Tuz Khormato.
  5. Demonstrations in Several Countries against Attack on Syria
    Demonstrations have been held in several countries, including the United States, against potential Western-led military action against Syria.
  6. Islamic titles released in German book market
    New works on Islamic thinking and teachings have been published in the German book market.
  7. Syrian rebels plan raids to exploit Western strikes
    Opposition fighters across Syria are preparing to launch attacks that exploit anticipated US-led military strikes, but there are no plans to coordinate with Western forces, a Syrian rebel commander said on Saturday.
  8. Syria expects an attack ’at any moment’: security official
    Syria expects a military attack “at any moment”, a security official told AFP on Saturday, just hours after UN experts probing a suspected gas attack blamed on the regime left the country.
  9. Free Syrian Army fatwa forbids killing ‘believer lice growing in blessed beards’: report
    The Free Syrian Army has issued a fatwa prohibiting the killing of lice that appear in the Muslim beard or else “be punished with 50 lashes by Sharia,” Ahlulbayt News, an English-language Shia Islamic television channel, reported Sunday.
  10. Council gives go ahead for mosque to be built next to a church in Melbourne’s north
    TENSIONS ran high tonight as a northern suburbs council gave the go-ahead for a mosque to be built next door to a Christian church.