1. Police in Islamabad foil “terror plot”, arrest five suspects
    Police in the Pakistani capital say they have foiled a terror plot and arrested Saturday five people, including three women.
  2. Canada: Quebec Teachers Defend Hijab
    In a new row over religious minorities’ freedom in Quebec, a major-public sector union has declared its support for religious symbols in workplaces, denouncing a new government charter that is expected to advocate state secularism and ban of religious symbols, including hijab.
  3. Iran to send second living creature into space
    Deputy Head of Iran Space Agency (ISA) Hamid Fazeli says the Islamic Republic plans to soon send second living creature into space in the near future.
  4. Le Figaro: 64% of French People Oppose Military intervention in Syria
    Being isolated on the international scene and challenged by the opposition, the French President François Hollande is now abandoned by his people.
  5. Terrorist behind Shia genocide and massacre of Ukrainians, Chinese and Russian climbers arrested
    The suspected mastermind of attack on Shia Muslims and at a base camp of Nanga Parbat that killed 10 foreign climbers and their Pakistani guide has been arrested in Pakistans Gilgit-Baltistan region, an official said.
  6. New York Times staff physically ill by Syria rebels’ brutality
    The raw video of rebels in Syria executing Syrian soldiers was so grisly, and so barbaric, that the New York Times staffers who watched and edited it for online publication were made “physically ill,” according to the newspaper’s spokeswoman.
  7. Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Masoumeh (SA) Celebrated
    The holy shrine of Hazrat Abdul- Azim (AS) in the city of Rey, south of Tehran, has hosted a ceremony marking the birth anniversary of Hazrat Masoumeh (SA).
  8. Unidentified gunmen kill 7 Shia Muslims in Pak’s Punjab
    LAHORE: Seven minority Shia Muslims, including a prominent community leader, have been shot dead by four unidentified men in Pakistan’s Punjab province.