1. Syria needs one year to destroy chemical weapons, Bashar Assad tells Fox News
    WASHINGTON • Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says destroying the stockpiles of chemical weapons would cost US$1 billion and would take roughly a year.
  2. Bahrain opposition defies ban on meeting diplomats
    MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) — Bahrain’s main Shiite opposition group is defying a ban by the island’s Sunni government to have direct contacts with foreign diplomats.
  3. Iran security elite told to shun politics as nuclear talks loom
    (Reuters) – Iran’s clerical leadership has told security hardliners to stay out of politics, in effect instructing them not to wreck the new centrist government’s attempt to solve an intractable nuclear dispute with West.
  4. In Iran, Fordow Nuclear Plant Virtually Sacred Ground
    FORDOW, Iran — In the heart of the desert on the road to the Shiite holy city of Qom, Iran secretly built a nuclear facility called Fordow a number of years ago. It is an underground enrichment plant constructed on a former Revolutionary Guards’ base that stirred controversy when its existence was announced by the Iranians in 2009.
  5. Bullet-riddled corpses echo Iraq’s brutal sectarian war
    The bullet-riddled bodies of 10 young men were found in Baghdad on Thursday, in a bleak reminder of the Sunni-Shiite sectarian conflict of 2006-2007 that almost tore Iraq apart.
  6. Nine Shiites injured in Pakistan hand grenade attack
    Nine people were injured in a hand grenade attack targeting a Shiite mosque in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi on Thursday, officials said.
  7. Sectarian Violence Reignites in an Iraqi Town
    MUQDADIYA, Iraq — The orange archway at the entrance to this farming community welcomes visitors in “peace.” The lush palm groves are heavy with ripe dates. For generations, Shiite and Sunni families worked the land, earning a living from their sheep and cows, their wheat fields and lemon trees.
  8. Al-Qaeda-linked gunmen seize Syrian town
    Damascus, Syria: Al-Qaeda militants in northern Syria captured a town near the Turkish border on Thursday after heavy clashes with Western-backed rebels, prompting the closure of a nearby frontier crossing, activists and Turkish officials said.
  9. Sectarianism Dominates Mideast Media Coverage of Syria, Bahrain
    The sectarian conflict in the Middle East is not just what we witness in the battlefronts. There is also a battlefield behind the scenes, in the media and entertainment industries.
  10. Syria: 14 Alawites killed by bomb in central Syria
    Amid reports of Turkish border lockdown in wake of border town taken over by al-Qaeda-linked group, news breaks of 2 bus bombings in Alawite village near Homs killing 14