1. A powerful Shia group of Pakistan expresses solidarity with Christians
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Majis Wahdat Muslimeen, a powerful Shia group of Pakistan has expressed sympathy and solidarity with Christians and has demanded from Pak army to arrest killers of innocent Christians who were killed in Peshawar Church blast and to restore the Church building along with payment of compensation to families of dead and injured and the official treatment of injured.
  2. Urgent: Help the Malaysian Shia Muslims; Shiaphobia on Rise
    The Malaysian government has set up a special laboratory to tackle and prevent the spread of Shia teachings among the people in the country.
  3. Militant Sunni group takes aim at minorities
    A Sunni militant group known for targeting rival Muslims has emerged as a dangerous new player in Pakistan, sending a pair of suicide bombers this week to detonate themselves inside a church in the deadliest ever attack against Pakistani Christians.
  4. Triple bombing at market near Baghdad kills 23
    BAGHDAD – Bombs ripped through outdoor markets in and near Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 23 people and wounding dozens, the latest in a deadly wave that has hit Iraq in recent months, officials said.
  5. Iran study trip students questioned over spying claims
    After entering Turkey in the eastern province of Ağrı, the group of 25 students were stopped and were questioned upon an order from a prosecutor’s office over spying claims.
  6. France’s Hollande first to break the ice with Iran’s Rohani
    French President François Hollande became the first Western leader to meet newly-elected Iranian President Hassan Rohani on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, in what could signal a modest thawing in relations between the Islamic Republic and the West.
  7. Image / Shia Lone and Biggest Hospital in Kashmir
    Build in 1980’s Imam Hussain (a.s) hospital is the lone and biggest Shia running hospital, located at Bemina, Kashmir.
  8. Iraq Warns the US: ‘Don’t Arm the Syrian Rebels’
    The carnage is mounting in Iraq, with dozens or scores killed nearly every day. Meanwhile, Iraq is critical to both the Syrian civil war and to Iran, with whom Iraq has increasingly close ties. The war in Syria, in particular, has spilled 207,000 refugees into Iraq, and the Syrian rebels—especially the Sunni-led terrorist movement, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, an Al Qaeda affiliate, the Al Nusra Front, and other extremists—have essentially become one with Iraq’s bloody oppositionists.
  9. Daily Suicide Bombings Keep Iraqis in State of Shock
    Amid daily suicide bombings that have become part of the identity of their cities, Iraqis describe their lives. Ali Wajih, a young Iraqi poet, told Al-Monitor, “I’m no longer intimidated by death. Do not worry, I’m hallucinating. I talk about death, and laugh with my friends. Haven’t I told you that death has become trivial?”
  10. Shiites hope to return home soon, but no word from govt
    The atmosphere at the Sampang Shia Muslim refuge at the Puspa Agro apartments in Jemundo district, Sidoarjo regency, East Java, seemed livelier on Wednesday afternoon, as displaced children played along the corridors, while the men were seen chatting as they awaited the Magrib call to prayer.