1. Bahrain court jails 4 Shiite Muslims allegedly over bomb
    A Bahraini court has sentenced four anti-regime protesters to 15 years in jail each on charges of forming a “terrorist group” in the capital Manama.
  2. Bahrain Al Wefaq rejects the regime’s sectarian practices
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The regime in Bahrain has started its abolition attempts to dissolve the Olamaa (clerics) Islamic Council, the highest religious foundation in the Shiite sect in Bahrain.
  3. Iraqi citizens raise a 276 square meters Imam Hussein banner
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Some Iraqi citizens have installed a 64 meters long flagpole raising a 276 square meters banner with the name of Imam Hussein (PBUH) is written on it.
  4. Thousands of Bahrainis hold anti-regime rally
    Bahraini protesters have staged another demonstration against the ruling Al Khalifa regime.
  5. Syria rebel groups told to withdraw
    Six militant groups operating in Syria have called on an al-Qaeda front group to leave the northern town of Azaz bordering Turkey and return to their main headquarters.
  6. Malaysia Smallest State to Closely Monitor Shia Activities
    Perlis (smallest state in Malaysia) is to closely monitor the activities of the Shia Muslims although they are not so apparent in the state, said Perlis Islamic Affairs Committee chairman Khairi Hasan.
  7. Malaysian Radical Minister Called Shia Muslims as a Threat to Muslim Faith
    The Muslim community in Malaysia has been told to be aware of the seriousness of threats to the faith in various forms in this country including Shiite teachings, pluralism, liberalism and so on.
  8. Germany: Islam to be recognized officially in Lower Saxony
    Following the suit of Bremen and Hamburg, the government of Lower Saxony in Germany has recognized Islam as an official religion in the district, confirming that Muslims were a key part in the society.
  9. Lebanese towns targeted by Syrian shells
    Shells fired from the Syrian side of the border targeted several towns in Akkar on Wednesday, hitting homes and an army patrol and sparking an exodus of residents.
  10. Iraq: Deadly Bomb Blast Hits Soccer Field
    A bomb exploded near a soccer field while teenagers were playing south of Baghdad, the deadliest of three attacks that left eight dead in Iraq on Thursday, according to authorities.