1. Rouhani appreciated by ayatollah Al Sistani
    The Foreign Minister in the new government in Tehran, was immediately received by the Pacific Grand Ayatollah of Najaf. Ahmadinejad asked again and again to meet him, but was always denied a meeting.
  2. OP-ED: Bahrain Repression Continues Amid Sham Trials and Imprisonment
    WASHINGTON, Oct 4 2013 (IPS) – The lengthy prison sentences handed down to 50 Shia activists last week and the refusal of Bahraini courts to hear their allegations of torture once again confirm the regime’s continued repression of the opposition.
  3. Anger over Pakistan Sindh instant message ban proposal
    Internet freedom activists in Pakistan have expressed anger over proposals by the government of Sindh province to ban messaging apps including Skype, Viber and WhatsApp for three months.
  4. If I am not wanted, won’t contest elections: Bashar Assad
    Beirut: Syrian President Bashar Assad said it’s still too early to say whether he’ll run for re-election next year, but suggested he would refrain from seeking a third term – if he feels that’s what most Syrians want him to do.
  5. Unofficial Iranian consulate opens in Montreal
    An Iranian Islamic centre in Montreal is offering a full range of consular services — one year after Iran’s official embassy in Ottawa was shut down and its diplomats sent home.
  6. Two bearded Muslim teenagers banned from classes at UK school
    Two 14-year-old Muslim boys, who refused to shave their beards, have been banned from attending lessons with other pupils at a UK school.
  7. Pakistan may face sanctions over gas pipeline with Iran: US
    WASHINGTON: Pakistan could face tough US sanctions if it goes ahead with the multi-billion Iran-Pak gas pipeline, a top American diplomat has said.
  8. Capital Punishment to Remain Suspended in Pakistan
    Federal government has decided not to implement the death penalties of the prisoners awarded capital punishment by courts in criminal and terrorism cases.
  9. Iran’s Imprisoned Ayatollah Suffers Heart Attack
    In July, I reported on the grave situation of Hossein Bourojerdi, one of Iran’s most courageous dissidents. Bourojerdi, who carries the honorific Shia Muslim title of “ayatollah,” is a veteran opponent of Iran’s ruling system of velayat e faqih, whereby Islamic jurists exercise total control over society and its institutions.