1. Iran Navy rescues tanker from Gulf of Aden pirates
    A top Iranian Navy commander says the country’s naval forces have successfully rescued an Iranian oil tanker from a pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden.
  2. Bahrainis hold anti-regime demo in Bilad Qadeem
    Bahrainis have taken to the streets again in solidarity with the families of the people killed by the Manama regime forces.
  3. Syria war spills on to local streets
    SYRIA’S two-year-old civil war is spilling on to the streets of Sydney and Melbourne, with advocates on both sides claiming violence and persecution are commonplace.
  4. Iran nuclear: FM Zarif wants ‘new approach’ at talks
    Iran’s foreign minister is urging world powers to come up with new proposals for talks on its nuclear programme, which are set to resume next week.
  5. Iraq violence: Bomber hit primary school
    A suicide bomber has attacked a primary school in northern Iraq, killing at least 12 children and their headteacher, police and medics say.
  6. Iraq: Suicide Attack Kills Pilgrims of Imam Javad (AS), leaves 78 dead
    Iraqi officials say the death toll from a day of bombing attacks in the country, including one against Shia pilgrims in northern Baghdad, has risen to 78.
  7. Destroying of Syria Chemical Weapons Starts
    Experts began on Sunday destroying Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons under the terms of a UN resolution.
  8. New Terrorist Attacks Target Iraq Pilgrims: Dozens Martyred, Injured
    A new spate of terrorist attacks in Iraq has killed at least 27 people and injured scores more, according to security and hospital sources.
  9. Quran encyclopedia in Persian unveiled
    The 1st volume of the Persian rendition of the holy Quran Encyclopedia with editions and translations by Hussein Khandaq Abadi, Masoud Sadeghi, Mehrdad Abbasi and Amir Maziar has been released in the Iranian book market.
  10. Saudis fear tide of Syria war turning against their interests
    Until a few weeks ago, Saudi Arabia was riding high. Its regional policies, based on countering revolutionary fervour and containing Iran, appeared to be bearing fruit.