1. Britain in Talks with Iran about Restoring Relations
    Britain Foreign Secretary William Hague stressed that the talks with Iran have started with the aim at restoring diplomatic relations two years after an angry mob ransacked the British Embassy.
  2. 19 women serving the rebel fighters have been arrested by Syrian army
    The Syrian army has arrested 19 women who came to Syria for Jihad nikah.
  3. Rights Organization Condemns Human Rights Violations in Bahrain
    The secretary general of the Lebanon-based International Organization for Human Rights condemned human rights violations in Bahrain.
  4. Bans have inflicted damage on Iran environment: VP
    Director of Iran’s Department of the Environment Masoumeh Ebtekar says the US-led sanctions against Iran have inflicted irreparable damage on the country’s environment
  5. Pervez Musharraf files bail petition in Lal Masjid case
    ISLAMABAD: Beleaguered former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf today filed a petition seeking bail in a case related to the killing of a hardline cleric during the 2007 military crackdown on the radical Lal Masjid.
  6. Rights group details massacre by rebels
    BEIRUT – Syrian villagers described watching rebels advance on their homes, as mortars thudded around them. By the end of the August attack, 190 civilians had been killed, including children, the elderly and the handicapped, a human rights group said Friday in its most detailed account of alleged war crimes committed by those fighting the Damascus regime.
  7. Getting Past The Censors In Iran
    This week Iran’s new Culture Minister Ali Jannati denounced book censorship under the administration of former President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and said if they could, censors would have banned the Koran, which is considered to be the word of God by Muslims.
  8. Global chemical watchdog wins Nobel Peace Prize
    THE HAGUE, Netherlands: Efforts to eliminate chemical weapons won a Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for the global watchdog trying to destroy Syria’s stockpiles of nerve gas and other poisonous agents.
  9. Religious war sprawls into refugees’ safe haven
    The poison of sectarian hatred is spreading to Turkey from Syria as a result of the Turkish Government giving full support to militant Sunni Muslims in the Syrian civil war.