1. Rahul Gandhi playing with minority sentiments: Shia cleric
    LUCKNOW: Muslim clerics in Uttar Pradesh, surprised by Rahul Gandhi’s remark that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies were in touch with Muzaffarnagar riot victims, demanded an immediate investigation into the Congress vice president’s claim.
  2. Narendra Modi not a political untouchable for Muslims: Shia cleric
    Lucknow: Narendra Modi is not a political untouchable for Muslims, and can win their votes if he ‘changes himself’ and shows that he cares for them, a prominent cleric has said in Uttar Pradesh.
  3. Violence takes toll on Iraq’s progress
    The oil-fueled economy was doing remarkably, but sectarian violence is negating those gains.
  4. U.N. nuclear agency chief to meet top Iran negotiator
    (Reuters) – The U.N. atomic agency chief and a senior Iranian nuclear negotiator will meet on Monday before a new round of talks over the Islamic state’s disputed atomic activities, the agency said on Thursday.
  5. EU may re-impose sanctions on Iran ship line despite court order
    BRUSSELS, Oct 24 (Reuters) – European governments have taken preliminary steps to re-impose sanctions against Iran’s main cargo shipping line, potentially complicating a new diplomatic push to settle the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear programme.
  6. Jailed Iran reformist’s daughter ‘ordered to strip’
    Tehran: Iranian women guards struck the two daughters of reformist opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi and bit one of them after they visited their father under house arrest, one of the daughters said on Facebook late on Thursday.
  7. Iraq: U.S. Pledges $1 Million to Help Relocate Iranian Exiles
    The United States announced Thursday that it would contribute $1 million to a United Nations trust fund to help resettle Iranian exiles in Iraq who have been housed in Camp Hurriya, a former American military base near Baghdad.
  8. Turkey, Iraq eye closer cooperation on Syria as relations thaw
    (Reuters) – Turkey and Iraq, both concerned by the rise of al Qaeda in Syria, said on Friday their strained relations were improving and they would cooperate more closely to limit the spillover from Syria’s civil war.
  9. Iraq to press U.S. on drones, F-16s to fight al Qaeda
    (Reuters) – The Baghdad government wants the immediate delivery of U.S. drones and F-16 fighter jets in order to combat al Qaeda insurgents, who are making swift advances in the west of the Iraq, a senior Iraqi security official said.
  10. Freed Politician, Thousands Protest in Bahrain
    Thousands of people have marched in the tiny Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, demanding more reforms in the country.