1. The History of Ghadir Khumm
    Eid-e Gadhir is celebrated with great rejoicing by all Muslims where they remember Prophet Muhammad’s last instructions to the believers.
  2. Iran Temporarily Halts 20% Uranium Enrichment
    Iran has temporarily halted its production of enriched uranium to 20 percent purity as it has sufficient stocks to fuel its Tehran research reactor, a lawmaker was quoted Thursday as saying.
  3. Four-Million visitation from Imam Ridha holy shrine during Eid al-Qadir / Pics
    MASHHAD, Iran (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The deputy of sacred premises and pilgrims’ affairs of Imam Ridha holy shrine declared about 4-million visitations from the Razavi Holy Shrine in Wilayat Week and 1 million and 500 thousand visitation in the day and night of Ghadir Eid.
  4. Syrian Army Targets Terrorists’ Positions in Homs
    A military source said that units of the Syrian armed forces have targeted terrorist positions in Homs and killed a large group of the militants who had infiltrated into Sadad town.
  5. A book on how a Shafe’i cleric converted into Shi’ism released in Iran
    A book has just hit the Iranian bookshelves on how a Shafe’i cleric converted into Shi’ism after learning about the supremacy of the Islamic sect.
  6. Thousands stage anti-regime protest in Bahrain
    Thousands of people have staged a demonstration near the Bahraini capital Manama, calling for political reforms in the Persian Gulf kingdom.
  7. Shia pilgrims’ bus blast: 2 FC personnel killed in Mastung
    MASTUNG: A car bomb hit a Frontier Corps (FC) van escorting a bus of Shia pilgrims in Dringarh, Mastung on Saturday, killing two soldiers, officials said.
  8. Bombs targeting Shias kill 16 across Iraq
    BAGHDAD: A series of bombs killed at least 16 people across Iraq on Friday as Shias celebrated a holy festival, police and medical sources said.
  9. Kurdish rebels take control in key border area between Syria, Iraq
    Kurdish rebels on Saturday took control of a key border crossing between Syria and Iraq, in an effort to prevent al-Qaeda-linked groups from entering the region, a Britain-based watchdog said.
  10. Iran Executes 16 Sunni Insurgents in Retaliation for an Attack
    TEHRAN — The Iranian authorities executed 16 Sunni insurgents on Saturday, Iranian media reported, in retaliation for an attack a day earlier that killed 14 guards on the volatile southeastern border with Pakistan.