1. Gunmen kill four Shia Muslims in southern Pakistan
    KARACHI: At least four Shia Muslims, including two doctors, were gunned down on Monday and three others were injured in different parts of Pakistan’s port city of Karachi, police officials said.
  2. Shia and Sunni fighters in Yemen agree to truce
    SANA’A: Yemeni Shia and Sunni Muslims fighters agreed to a ceasefire yesterday after days of clashes in a northern town killed at least 100 people.
  3. Shi’ite, Sunni ceasefire in north Yemen appears crumbling
    (Reuters) – A ceasefire between Yemeni Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims fighters intended to end days of clashes that have killed at least 100 combatants and civilians appeared to be crumbling on Monday after Sunnis reported a resumption of fighting.
  4. Polio outbreak in Syria as 10 cases confirmed
    The World Health Organization has confirmed 10 cases of polio in Syria – the first outbreak in the country in 14 years.
  5. UN aid chief says 40% of Syrians in need of assistance
    Some 9.3 million people in Syria – or about 40% of the population – now need outside assistance, UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos has said.
  6. Reports: Iran Revolutionary Guards commander killed in Syria
    An Iranian commander of the Revolutionary Guards was killed in Syria by “terrorists” while defending “oppressed Syrian people” near Damascus, media reports said Monday.
  7. Sayyed Nasrallah Renews Calls for Cooperation with Security Forces on First Day of Muharram
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – On the first day of the new Hijri year, Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah congratulated the Islamic nation on the occasion, also expressed condolences as the first month of the Hijri year commemorates the Ashoura battle, in which Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Imam Hussein and his household were martyred (pbut).
  8. Photos: Kufa Grand Mosque covered with black flags on Muharram 1435
    Kufa Grand Mosque covered with black flags on Muharram 1435
  9. Why upsetting Saudi Arabia may not be a bad thing
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Saudi regime fears that any kind of empowerment of the Shi’ites – anywhere – could embolden the 15 percent of Saudi Arabia’s population that is Shi’ite – and happens to live in the part of the country where most of its oil reserves can be found.
  10. Syria says it will vaccinate all children after polio emerges in rebel-held areas
    DAMASCUS, Syria – Syria said Monday that it will work with international organizations to ensure that all children in the country, even those in rebel-held areas, will be vaccinated against polio following an outbreak of the crippling and highly communicable disease.