1. Anti-Morsi lecturer drops London University speech
    A guest lecturer at a London university has had to abandon his speech on Egypt after supporters of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi chased him from the stage.
  2. Iran did not block nuclear agreement: Deputy FM
    A member of the Iranian delegation in nuclear talks with six world powers says Tehran did not block an agreement in last week’s negotiations in Geneva.
  3. India forces clash with Kashmir Muslims
    India’s security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir have clashed with Muslim mourners on the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).
  4. Saudi Arabia in Crisis over Crackdown on Migrant Workers
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Grocery stores shut their doors and almost half of Saudi Arabia’s small construction firms stopped working on projects as a result of foreign workers deportation policy in the ultra-conservative kingdom.
  5. 42000 Foreign Pilgrims Join Millions of Iraqis to Mark Ashura in Karbala
    Millions of pilgrims gathered in the holy city of Karbala on Thursday, November 14, to mark the day of Ashura.
  6. 20 Militants Killed in Ambush by Syrian Army in Daraa Countryside
    A Syrian army unit killed 20 militants, including non-Syrians, in an ambush near the national forest on Tsil-Nawa road in Daraa countryside, a military source said on Thursday.
  7. On Muharram, Shias revive the killing of Imam Hussein Ali in Navi Mumbai
    Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and begins with mourning of the death of Imam Hussein Ali, who was also the grandson of Prophet Mohammad.
  8. Bahrain Suppresses Shia Mourners in Ashura Rituals
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Bahraini security forces stepped up crackdown on religious ceremonies held in the tiny kingdom in the Islamic month of Muharram.
  9. Syrian rebel ‘beheaded in case of mistaken identity’
    An al-Qaeda affiliated rebel group in Syria is reported to have asked for forgiveness after beheading a fellow rebel in a case of mistaken identity.
  10. ‘Yaum-e-Ashoora’ observed with mourning procession in Hyderabad
    Hyderabad, Nov 15 (IANS) A mood of mourning pervades the old city of Hyderabad as Shia Muslims Friday observed “Yaum-e-Ashoora” to mark the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, and his followers in the battle of Karbala.