1. Tight security in Pakistan to maintain order during protests
    Islamabad: Thousands of army, paramilitary and police personnel were deployed in cities across Pakistan on Friday in view of nationwide protests by various groups over the killing of 11 people in sectarian clashes in the garrison city of Rawalpindi.
  2. THE LAHORE LOG: Muharram massacre in Rawalpindi
    The tenth of Muharram, a day which is meant to symbolise the act of spreading Imam Hussain’s (AS) message of peace and humanity, eventually ended in bloodshed.
  3. Fresh attacks across Iraq kill leave nine dead
    At least nine people have been killed in a series of bombings and shootings across Iraq, officials say.
  4. Ulema want Punjab’s law minister sacked
    ISLAMABAD, Nov 21: Some Ulema belonging to Barelvi school of thought and those from Shia sect criticised on Thursday Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah and demanded of the Punjab government to remove him from the cabinet.
  5. Iran and world powers struggle on nuclear deal in Geneva
    World powers are struggling to reach an interim deal with Iran to limit its nuclear programme, as talks in Geneva move into a third day.
  6. Leading Syrian rebel groups form new Islamic Front
    Seven leading Islamist rebel groups in Syria say they are joining forces.
  7. MPs question UK relations with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain
    The government can no longer ignore claims of hypocrisy over its relations with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, a report by a group of MPs has said.
  8. Syria: The Neighbors Prepare For Rebel Defeat
    November 22, 2013: President Basher Assad of Syria is telling his supporters that he expects the rebels to be defeated within six months.
  9. Anxiety in the House of Saud
    You’d think that Saudi Arabia’s ruling monarchy would have a lot to be happy about — and you’d be right, in part.