1. Sunni-Shiite divide in Mideast near violent boiling point
    BAGHDAD – Relations between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in the Middle East could plunge to new lows as the violence in Syria worsens and sectarian rhetoric looms in upcoming Iraqi elections, experts say.
  2. India connect in US-Iran nuclear deal
    KARACHI: A devout Shia man along with his wife was slain in North Karachi on Monday.
  3. Syria talks in Geneva ‘vehicle for peaceful tansition’: Ban Ki-moon
    New York: For the first time in nearly three years of civil war that has been plaguing the country, Syrian government and the opposition will meet on the negotiating table on January 22 in Geneva, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said Monday.
  4. Toll from spate of Iraq attacks rises to 46 dead
    BAGHDAD: A spate of Iraq attacks, including twin bombings at a market and the assassination of a former MP, killed at least 46 people, officials said Tuesday.
  5. Iran Deal Ripples Felt From Syria Battlefields to Saudi Palaces
    After news of the Iranian nuclear deal emerged, Syria quickly welcomed it as a triumph for its ally Iran and a setback for opponents led by Saudi Arabia.
  6. India connect in US-Iran nuclear deal
    WASHINGTON: When the US led by President Richard Nixon and his foreign policy major domo Henry Kissinger cut a deal with communist China using Pakistan as a conduit in 1970, India was left out of the loop in a detente that changed the geopolitical dynamics of the region.
  7. Pakistan releases 3 senior Taliban prisoners
    ISLAMABAD — The Pakistani government released three senior Taliban prisoners Tuesday in an attempt to jumpstart stuttering peace talks with the Afghan government, the latest in a wave of detainees freed to help negotiations, said Pakistani and Taliban officials.