1. Syrian army takes strategic town
    DAMASCUS: Syrian troops recaptured the strategic town of Deir Attiyeh yesterday, less than a week after losing it, taking the advantage in its bid to crush rebels just north of Damascus.
  2. Salafist Crimes Against Islam in Syria
    Reports from across Syria, and increasing coming in from many areas including Aleppo, Qalamoun and Reqaa lay bare massive crimes being perpetrated against the Syrian people in the name of Islam from areas under Salafist control.
  3. Saudi Arabia’s foreign labour crackdown drives out 2m migrants
    Under the watchful eyes of Saudi policemen slouched in their squad cars along a rundown street, little knots of Ethiopian men sit chatting on doorsteps and sprawl on threadbare grass at one of Riyadh’s busiest junctions. These are tense, wary times in Manfouha, a few minutes’ drive from the capital’s glittering towers and swanky shopping malls.
  4. UMNO’S SECRET WEAPON: The Friday mosque sermon
    The Friday sermon, which should be an opportunity to impart knowledge and lessons to Muslims, has instead become a way to spread hate.
  5. Bangladesh elections and rise of radical forces
    Elections are due in Bangladesh in two months’ time and the country is yet again at the crossroads. Forces that favoured the creation of Bangladesh and those opposed to it are locked in a pitched battle to define the identity of the country.
  6. Hate speech: Minorities panel for action against AAP member
    NEW DELHI: The National Commission for Minorities has written to the Election Commission and Delhi Police urging them to take action against Kumar Vishwas, a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, for his hate speech against Muslims.
  7. Quake did not damage nuclear plant, Iran tells IAEA
    Iran has told the International Atomic Energy Agency an earthquake near the city of Bushehr did not damage the country’s sole nuclear power plant and it continues to operate normally, the IAEA said on Friday.
  8. Mortar round at historic Syrian mosque kills 4
    DAMASCUS, Syria — A mortar round struck the front of a historical mosque in Syria’s capital Friday, killing four people and wounding 26 in the latest such attack on the city, state media reported.
  9. Iraq summons envoy over professor’s killing
    BAGHDAD — Baghdad has summoned Libya’s ambassador to Iraq to protest the killing of an Iraqi professor by fighters in the North African country, the foreign ministry said late on Thursday.
  10. Iran sees nuclear deal implementation starting by early Jan
    (Reuters) – The implementation of a landmark deal between Iran and world powers to curb Tehran’s nuclear programme in return for some sanctions relief is expected to start by early January, its envoy to the U.N. atomic agency said on Friday.