1. Iran, Iraq to Boost Cooperation in Reconstruction of Holy Shrines
    TEHRAN (Tasnim) – In a meeting in Mashhad between the guardian of Imam Reza’s holy shrine and visiting Iraqi prime minister on Saturday, the two sides emphasized the need for closer cooperation in reconstruction of the holy shrines in Iraq.
  2. Fathers of victims are systematically targeted by Bahraini regime
    The regime in Bahrain has been systematically targeting its victims’ relatives who have been calling to hold those who killed their sons and relatives accountable.
  3. Bahrain installing thousands of cameras to track Shi’ite revolutionist in urban areas
    Bahrain al-Khalifa regime has approved the establishment of a command and control network to attack the Shi’ite protests.
  4. Karachi Int’l Book Fair allows Takfiri Jihadi literature, bans Shia Islamic books
    Reportedly, Chairman of the Pakistan Publishers & Booklovers Association central committee has allowed Takfir Jihadi literature and has banned Shia teaching books on 9th Karachi International Book Fair in Expo Center, Karachi.
  5. Pakistan: Different Shia organizations hold conference on targeted Shia killings
    At least 37 representatives from different Pakistani Shia organizations gathered in Lahore to attend the All Parties Shia Conference.
  6. Ahmad Zahid wants action taken against Shia PAS leaders
    Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has given the authority to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) to act against alleged Shia Muslim leaders in PAS.
  7. Rouhani addresses Iran’s divided students
    TEHRAN — Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, reiterated in a key speech Saturday his commitment to the twin goals he has set for himself of maintaining the Islamic republic’s nuclear activities while helping the country emerge from years of international isolation.
  8. Three members of ‘Muslim patrol’ jailed in London
    London: Three members of a self-styled “Muslim patrol” in London who harassed passers-by for wearing short skirts, holding hands and drinking alcohol have been jailed, in a conviction welcomed by the local mosque on Saturday.
  9. Iran Claims To Thwart Azerbaijani Cultural Imperialism At UNESCO
    Host Azerbaijan walks away a winner from this week’s UNESCO conference on “intangible cultural heritage,” successfully enlisting “urgent” help to preserve an archaic form of polo played on short-legged Karabakh horses.
  10. Protesters, police clash in Bahrain Shia villages
    Demonstrators calling for democratic reform clashed with police yesterday in Shia villages near Manama ahead of an international forum on Middle East security, witnesses said.