1. Ignorance, extremist Sunnis fuelling anti-Shia sentiments in Malaysia, says academic
    Ignorance and an extremist brand of Sunni Islam influencing religious authorities are fuelling the current anti-Shia movement in Malaysia, although the minority community has deep roots in the country stretching back centuries, says an academic.
  2. Michigan Students Try Hijab for a Day
    Non-Muslims students at a Michigan university have been offered a chance to try hijab for the first time when their Muslim counterparts marked the university’s hijab day earlier this month.
  3. Suicide bomber kills 11 at Shiite funeral in Iraq
    A suicide bomber killed 11 people and wounded 20 at a Shi’ite Muslim funeral in a city northeast of Baghdad on Tuesday, police said, as Iraqi insurgents pursue a campaign of deadly attacks.
  4. 743 Martyrs in Syrian Shia-majority Cities
    Since the beginning of the clashes in Syria, some 750 individuals have been martyred in these two cities, a figure which is very high considering the small population of the cities.
  5. Pakistan: Karakoram University’s Shia students rusticated for holding Youm e Hussain
    Biased administration of Karakorum International University rusticated 3 Shia students for life and another 2 for 3 years for their only “sin” that they played leading role to hold Youm-e-Hussain (AS) in the University on Wednesday.
  6. Top Malaysia Shia Cleric Received Death Threats on Facebook
    One of shia elders in Kedah Darul Aman state received death threats thru a famous social network service.
  7. Try to resolve Shia, Sunni divide, suggests Suhakam chief
    The Malaysian Human Rights Commission, or Suhakam, has called for a dialogue between the country’s predominant Sunni Muslims and the tiny number of Shia Muslims.
  8. Saddam’s legacy haunts his compatriots to this day
    BAGHDAD: A decade after Saddam Hussein’s arrest, the now-executed Iraqi dictator’s legacy of conflicts, sanctions and repression still exact a heavy toll on the country.
  9. Gujarat Waqf Board implements new law
    GANDHINAGAR: The Gujarat Waqf Board has announced the implementation of the provisions of the newly-enacted central law, the ‘Waqf (amendment) Act-2013’, in the state from November 1, 2013.
  10. GCC cautious but positive on new Iran ties
    Gulf states praise Iran’s new rapprochement efforts towards them, yet express concern on new reported nuclear projects.