1. Iranian envoy to make first UK visit
    Iran’s envoy to the UK is to make his first visit to London this week, the UK’s foreign secretary has announced.
  2. US and UK suspend non-lethal aid for Syria rebels
    The US and UK have suspended all “non-lethal” support for rebels in northern Syria, but not humanitarian aid.
  3. Syrian refugees in Lebanon hit by winter storm
    The UN says it is “extremely concerned” for Syrian refugees in Lebanon as a fierce winter storm bears down.
  4. Media urge Syrian rebels to stop journalist kidnappings
    Major international news organisations have urged armed Syrian rebel groups to stop kidnapping journalists, and to free those who are currently held.
  5. Pakistan’s former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry steps down
    Pakistan’s outspoken and often controversial Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has stepped down, leaving behind a divided legacy of respect on one hand and criticism on the other.
  6. Anti-Shia attacks will ruin Malaysia’s image, warns analyst
    Malaysia should follow the example of some Middle East nations in handling the differences between Islamic sects, or risk jeopardising the country’s image, said a political scientist on labelling Shias as deviants.
  7. US hits firms over Iran as sanctions debate goes on
    Treasury and State departments begin targeting assets of entities and individuals dealing illegally with the Islamic Republic
  8. US Congress unhappy over secret Iran talks
    Washington: Lawmakers are raising questions about the secret US diplomacy with Iran that led to last month’s nuclear breakthrough, demanding greater transparency and expressing disappointment at being left in the dark.
  9. Bangladesh opposition leader executed for war crimes
    Bangladesh on Thursday executed an opposition leader convicted of war crimes hours after the Supreme Court rejected his last-minute appeal, officials said. The death threatened to spark new violence ahead of national elections next month.
  10. India readjusts ties with Iran
    New Delhi has had relatively close ties to Tehran since the mid-1980s, but India has recalibrated relations over the last few years as Iran became the litmus test for its ties with Washington.