1. Multinational effort takes shape to remove Syria chemical arms
    Russian armoured trucks will help take Syria’s chemical weapons out of the country, tracked by US satellite equipment and Chinese surveillance cameras, in an unprecedented international operation, the world’s chemical watchdog said.
  2. Bangladesh Prime Minister condemns Pakistan
    Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid on Wednesday condemned Pakistan for a resolution adopted by its National Assembly condemning execution of Abdul Qadir Mollah, a leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh.
  3. Three dead, 16 injured after blast near Imambargah at Rawalpindi
    Yet another attack on Shia mourning procession was attempted by Yazeedi terror outfit in Pakistan on Tuesday night.
  4. Iraq police hero sacrifices himself to save pilgrims
    An Iraqi policeman gave his own life on Wednesday in an attempt to protect pilgrims, embracing a suicide bomber just moments before an attack to shield others from the blast.
  5. Shiite Pilgrimage Is Target of Attacks in Iraq
    Shiite Muslims making one of their most important pilgrimages in Iraq were targeted again on Wednesday by gunmen and suicide bombers, medical and police officials said.
  6. Malaysian anti-Shiite drive is akin to persecution, say lawyers
    The government must stop its campaign against Shiite Muslims for the sake of political mileage as it spells persecution, says the Lawyers for Liberty movement.
  7. Saudi: “Ready to Act With or Without” West over Syria, Iran
    Saudi Arabia slammed the West’s policies on Iran and Syria, threatening to act on its own to “safeguard security” in the region.
  8. ‘West abandoning regime change project in Syria’
    The wheels of a western-backed “regime change” project in Syria appear to be falling off as members of opposition signal that President Bashar Assad may be allowed to stay in power and even contest elections in future to steer the country’s political transition.