1. Iran expresses support for Iraq’s crackdown on terrorists
    Iran on Wednesday expressed support for the Iraqi government’s crackdown on terrorists following the recent violent developments in the country and called on the Iraqi people to maintain unity.
  2. Iran requests access to suspect in bombing of embassy in Beirut
    Iran has said that it is ready to aid the Lebanese government in its interrogation of the Saudi leader of a militant group that claimed responsibility for an attack on the Iranian Embassy in Beirut last November.
  3. More than 100 die as Iraq forces battle Qaeda
    More than 100 people were killed Friday as Iraqi police and tribesmen battled al Qaeda-linked militants who took over parts of two Anbar provincial cities, announcing one an Islamic state.
  4. Bangladesh’s bitter election boycott
    As Bangladesh elects a new parliament on Sunday against a backdrop of increasing political violence, BBC Bengali editor Sabir Mustafa looks at why the main opposition party is boycotting the polls.
  5. Syria crisis: Ships in new bid to collect chemical arms
    Norwegian and Danish ships are due to set sail again from Cyprus in a fresh bid to collect Syria’s chemical arms.
  6. Pakistanis stage massive rally against killing of Shia Muslims
    Large crowds of demonstrators in southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta have held a protest to condemn a recent attack on Shia pilgrims’ bus.
  7. Bahrainis hold anti-regime protest
    Bahraini demonstrators have held an anti-regime protest in the village of Shakhora, west of the kingdom’s capital city, along with the leader of the country’s main opposition party.
  8. Militants fight each other in NW Syria
    Deadly infighting has erupted between foreign-backed militants in Syria’s northwestern cities of Aleppo and Idlib.
  9. Tunisia’s parliament voting on milestone constitution
    Tunisia’s national assembly has begun voting on a long-delayed new constitution.