1. Bahrain’s Lethal Teargas War
    Pro-democracy activists are banding together in an online campaign to stop the shipment of tear gas canisters to Bahrain, where government forces have transformed the gas into a mortal weapon.
  2. Bihar: Lots of promises to Muslims, some only partly fulfilled
    The Bihar government keeps announcing its figures for benefits given to Muslims — boundary walls for 4,409 graveyards, Rs 2.34 crore as education loans, Rs 8.10 crore as employment loans to 815 people. The figures have been updated until December, some from the start of a scheme and some for 2013.
  3. Iraqi forces face resistance in trying to push last of al-Qaeda affiliates out of Ramadi
    BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces faced fierce resistance as they launched an offensive Sunday to vanquish pockets of al-Qaeda-linked militants in the city of Ramadi, underscoring the resilience of insurgents, who have also dug in further east in Fallujah.
  4. UAE mulls introducing compulsory military service
    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, has said that the Gulf state will introduce mandatory military service for its nationals aged between 18 and 30.
  5. Assad stresses for global anti-terror coalition
    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has underscored the need for establishing an international coalition to combat terrorism, the state media reported.
  6. Assad tells Russians he plans to stay in power
    Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was yesterday quoted as telling Russian parliamentarians he has no intention of stepping down and the issue will not be discussed at this week’s peace conference attended by the government, opposition and envoys from 35 countries.
  7. 20 troops killed, 30 others injured in blast inside Pakistani cantonment
    Twenty paramilitary troops were killed and 30 others injured on Sunday in a bomb attack by the Taliban inside a cantonment in Pakistan’s restive northwest, prompting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to cancel his visit to Switzerland.
  8. Libya security chief killed in clashes with gangs near Tripoli
    TRIPOLI, Libya – Libyan security sources say an army chief of staff has died in clashes with gangs south of Tripoli, the latest official killed in the country’s ongoing unrest.
  9. U.N. Invites Iran to Peace Conference on Syria, Surprising U.S. Officials
    Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, said on Sunday that he had invited Iran to an international peace conference to end the war in Syria. The announcement drew immediate objections from American officials, who suggested that Iran had not met all the conditions for attending and that the invitation might need to be withdrawn.
  10. Major Syrian rebel group rejects Geneva peace talks
    A powerful alliance of Syrian Islamist rebels on Sunday rejected peace talks that begin this week, meaning that even if the talks reach an unlikely breakthrough in the three-year-old civil war, it will be harder to implement any agreement on the ground.