1. Egypt to hold presidential poll before parliamentary vote
    Egypt’s interim government has announced presidential elections have been moved forward.
  2. Syria: The Smallest Militant is a 4 Years Old One!
    This boy is the smallest member of the daash is shown in a video captured and posted on the net from Syria.
  3. Syrian Army Kills Terrorists, Destroy Several Assembly Points
    Units of the Syrian armed forces carried out operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Aleppo and its countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.
  4. Thousands stage anti-regime protest in Bahrain
    Thousands of anti-regime protesters have held a demonstration in northeastern Bahrain, calling for the democratization of the Persian Gulf country.
  5. Illuminated Quran Inscribed by Yaqoot Musta’sami Published in Qom
    Ordered by Al-ul-Bayt (AS) Li-Ihya Al-Turath” Institute, an illuminated copy of the Holy Quran inscribed by Yaqoot Musta’sami, eminent calligrapher of the 13th century, was published in the holy city of Qom.
  6. Bahraini forces kill 19-year old Shiite protester (GRAPHIC)
    A young Bahraini protester has martyred of injuries sustained during a protest in the northern village of Markh.
  7. Egyptian diplomats released after Tripoli kidnapping
    Five Egyptian embassy staff who were kidnapped in the Libyan capital Tripoli have been freed, Libyan officials say.
  8. Six children killed in Hangu grenade blast
    * Two others injured, portion of house destroyed as grenade hidden in a garbage dump goes off in Baber Mela area
  9. Taliban suicide attack kills 4 in Afghan capital
    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan official says a suicide bomber has attacked a military bus in Kabul, killing at least four people.
  10. Women and Children of Homs Granted Safety in First Syria Deal
    The Syrian government reached an agreement with the opposition Sunday to allow women and children to leave a city that has been under government siege for more than a year, the first tangible progress made at the peace talks in Geneva.