1. Turkey organizes pilgrimage for Alevi and Bektashi minority
    Alevis and Bektashis belong to a mystical sect of Shiite Islam and have many followers in Turkey. Not to be confused with the Alawites of Syria, Alevism is named after the companion Ali, who Shiites refer to as being the ‘first imam’. Bektashism is named after the 13th century mystic scholar Haji Bektash Veli.
  2. Syria air force strikes Lebanon frontier town
    Baalbek — Syria’s air force launched two strikes on the outskirts of Lebanon’s frontier town of Arsal on Monday, causing no casualties, a Lebanese security source said.
  3. Baghdad Urges KRG Action Against Clerics Inciting Violence
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq’s central government has asked authorities in the autonomous Kurdistan Region to take action against Sunni clerics allegedly calling on followers to wage war against the Iraqi army.
  4. Bahrain’s Gulf Air to resume flights to Tehran next month
    DUBAI: Bahrain’s Gulf Air will resume flights to the Iranian capital Tehran next month, almost three years after they were suspended, the national carrier said in a statement on Monday.
  5. Suicide bombings in Pakistan raise questions about peace talks
    PESHAWAR, Pakistan – As the Pakistani government attempts to hold peace talks with banned Islamist militants, a suicide bomber blew himself up on the outskirts of Peshawar on Monday, killing four women and wounding four others, officials said.
  6. Iran rejects inclusion of ballistic missiles in nuclear talks
    Iran, for now, has fended off an attempt by the United States to include Tehran’s ballistic missiles within the ambit of an on-going nuclear dialogue, signaling a tussle between the two countries to draw maximum political advantage out of the talks.
  7. Suicide Bomb Trainer in Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class
    BAGHDAD — If there were such a thing, it would probably be rule No. 1 in the teaching manual for instructors of aspiring suicide bombers: Don’t give lessons with live explosives.
  8. Blasts continue as Pakistan Govt – TTP negotiate
    Even as a suicide bomber in Peshawar blew himself up killing four women and three teachers were shot dead in Hangu on Monday, the negotiators for the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan(TTP) said the terror outfit was positive about the peace dialogue.
  9. Syrian government urges Brahimi to condemn Maan killings – document
    (Reuters) – A Syrian government delegation in Geneva urged mediator Lakhdar Brahimi on Monday to condemn the violence in the mainly Alawite town of Maan in central Syria in which at least 41 people were killed on Sunday.