1. Syrian authorities question over 300 men from besieged Homs-UN
    GENEVA, Feb 11 (Reuters) – Syrian authorities have detained 336 men who left Homs and are still questioning most of them without direct supervision by any neutral third party, the United Nations said on Tuesday.
  2. Iraq – Baghdad newspaper bombed after cartoon of Iran’s Supreme Leader
    Reporters Without Borders condemns yesterday morning’s bomb attack on the downtown Baghdad headquarters of the Al-Sabah Al-Jadid newspaper, five days after it published a much criticized cartoon of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. The explosion caused a great deal of damage but no injuries.
  3. Pakistan’s religious minorities struggle amidst roiling currents, Huffington Post reports
    The roiling social currents in Pakistan, in which even Shiite and Ahmadi Muslims are under attack from the majority Sunni Muslim population, are making life difficult for Christians, Hindus and other religious minorities, The Huffington Post reports.
  4. Syrian city evacuates following U.N. cease-fire
    BEIRUT — Aid officials rushed to evacuate more women, children and elderly from rebel-held areas that have been blockaded by government troops for more than a year in Syria’s third-largest city, Homs, after a U.N.-brokered cease-fire in the city was renewed for three more days Monday.
  5. Iraq to step up random checks of Syria-bound planes from Iran
    WASHINGTON – Iraq will step up random inspections of cargo planes from Iran that fly over its territory to Syria, once it gets an air traffic control system purchased from the United States, the Iraqi ambassador in Washington said Monday.
  6. Yemen to become six-region federation
    Yemen will be transformed into a six-region federation as part of its political transition, a presidential panel agreed on Monday.
  7. Iraq parliament speaker escapes assassination bid
    BAGHDAD – Iraq’s parliament speaker narrowly escaped an attack in his hometown on Monday while 21 militants died when a car bomb they were readying mistakenly went off in renewed nationwide violence.
  8. Islamic Extremists Slaughter 15 Soldiers in Northern Iraqi City
    BAGHDAD — Fighters from a Sunni extremist group attacked an army unit in a northern Iraqi city on Tuesday, killing 15 soldiers in a rampage of beheadings, shootings and a hanging, security officials said.
  9. Syria peace talks not making much progress, says envoy
    (Reuters) – Peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition are not making much progress, international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi said on Tuesday after a face-to-face meeting of the warring parties in Geneva.
  10. Algerian military plane crashes into mountain, 77 killed
    (Reuters) – A military transport plane carrying members of the Algerian armed forces and their relatives crashed into a mountain on Tuesday, killing 77 people, the worst air disaster in the North African country in a decade.