1. UN chief calls for restraint amid clashes in Bahrain
    UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Friday urged Bahrainis to exercise restraint and refrain from violent acts, after clashes between demonstrators and security forces have reportedly led to injuries.
  2. From isolation to cooperation: Iran at Davos
    Iranian diplomacy and foreign policy is one of precise calculations, one rationally apportioned between Iran’s aims and its opportunities. In this respect, despite its former image as a “rogue state”, Iran is able to pave the way for cooperation with the West.
  3. Iraqi troops regain ground from militants in northern town
    Iraqi troops backed by helicopter gunships regained ground in the northern town of Sulaiman Pek on Friday, a day after parts of it were overrun by terrorists, the mayor said.
  4. Bahrain cracks down on protesters on anniversary of uprising
    Bahraini protesters marking the third anniversary of an Arab Spring-inspired uprising clashed with security forces on Friday in the capital Manama and outlying villages, witnesses said, according to AFP.
  5. 104 U.S. lawmakers support diplomacy over Iran’s nuclear program
    TEHRAN – As talks on a comprehensive Iran nuclear deal are set to get underway in Vienna next week, over 100 members of Congress have written to U.S. President Barack Obama expressing support for robust diplomacy as the best way to resolve Iran’s nuclear issue, and urging against any Congressional action that might interfere in sensitive negotiations, according to Al-Monitor.
  6. Abortion on the rise in Iran
    The paradoxical nature of Iranian society more often than not results in people covertly performing the forbidden. As this nature dictates, delving into the root of such social issues can be tough in the absence of credible statistics.
  7. Syria: Car bomb kills dozens outside mosque in southern rebel-held village
    A car bombing outside a mosque in southern Syria has killed at least 33 people, according to monitors.
  8. Indonesia Volcano Eruption Closes Airports as Thousands Flee
    The eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Kelud volcano on Java island has forced airlines to cancel flights and prompted thousands of residents to flee the area.