1. Saudi Arabia declares war on energy drinks
    Saudi Arabia banned on Monday the sale of energy drinks at government, health and education facilities and outlawed all forms of advertising for the drinks, including the sponsorship of any sporting, social or cultural events by energy drinks companies.
  2. Plane with crew of 5 crashes in Iran
    Tehran: Iran’s official news agency says a small plane has crashed in the Persian Gulf with the fate of the five crew members aboard unknown.
  3. Sharif for continuation of peace talks with Taliban
    Islamabad: Notwithstanding a brazen terror attack here, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today asked the government-appointed committee to continue the dialogue process with the Taliban to end the decade-long insurgency.
  4. Iran reasserts nuclear rights in talks with world powers
    The chairman of Iran’s Assembly of Experts urged the country’s nuclear negotiators Tuesday to protect what he called the “nuclear rights of Iranians” in ongoing talks with major world powers.
  5. Iran cutting sensitive nuclear stocks, much work remains – IAEA
    (Reuters) – Iran is reducing its most proliferation-prone nuclear stockpile as required by its landmark deal with world powers but much work remains to be done to resolve all concerns about Tehran’s activities, the U.N. atomic watchdog chief said on Monday.
  6. Syrian forces press assault on strategic town near Lebanon
    (Reuters) – Gunfire crackled and warplanes buzzed overhead as Syria’s military fought on Tuesday to take a town that would help President Bashar al-Assad seal a link between his coastal bastions and Damascus.
  7. Resurgence of Al Qaida in Iraq Fuelled By Saudi Arabia
    Iraq, more than two years after the U.S. withdrawal, and nearly a decade after the U.S. forces ousted Al Qaida in Iraq AQI from Falluja, is still grappling with not merely an escalating sectarian crisis between the Shia-led government and an increasingly disaffected Sunni minority, but, even more menacingly, AQI’s- relabelled itself as the Islamic state in Iraq and Levant ISIS — takeover of parts of Ramadi and Falluja in the notoriously rebellious Suni-dominated Anbar province.
  8. Iran seizes intruding Saudi fishing boat
    Iranian coast guards have intercepted a Saudi fishing vessel after it strayed into the Islamic Republic’s coastal waters off the southern Bushehr Province, a provincial coast guard official said.
  9. Gunmen storm government complex in Iraq’s Samarra
    (Reuters) – Gunmen in military uniform broke into the city council and court house in Samarra in northern Iraq on Tuesday, holding the facility for four hours until police and army stormed the compound, the mayor and police officials said.
  10. Syria submits new plan to ship chemicals arms by April
    Syria has submitted a new plan for the removal of its chemical weapons, months after the expiry of the deadline set by the international community.