1. Iranian traders boycott Malaysian goods over anti-Shia campaign
    An unofficial boycott of Malaysian goods by Iranian businessmen has left rubber products worth some RM2 million lying in a warehouse in the Middle East nation, a backlash against Umno’s recent anti-Shia campaign.
  2. Iraqi MPs launch move to nominate Ayatollah Sistani for Nobel Peace Prize
    A group of Iraqi lawmakers have launched a petition to nominate Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, a top Shia Muslim cleric, for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, the Iraqi daily Azzaman reported.
  3. Malaysia Arrests about 200 Shiite Muslims Celebrating Birthday of Sayeda Zainab
    About 114 individuals, believed to be followers of the Shiite Muslims arrested in Perak, in a joint operation of the Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIP) with local police last night.
  4. Car bomb kills over 30 in Shiite district of southern Iraq
    More than 30 people have been killed in a car bomb attack near a security checkpoint in southern Iraq.
  5. Wealthy Saudis sexually abuse young Syrian girls
    A report says young Syrian girls whose families have lost everything due to three years of turmoil in Syria are being sexually exploited in neighboring countries, especially by wealthy Saudis.
  6. Saudi king’s daughters under house arrest for 13 years
    Two daughters of the king of Saudi Arabia claim they and their sisters have been held prisoner in the royal palace for 13 years.
  7. Ashton’s visit promises new beginning in Iran-EU ties
    The tantalising prospect of Iran and Europe bonding as friends has acquired fresh symbolism with the visit to Tehran by European Union (EU) foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, who also represents the West during nuclear talks between Iran and the six global powers.
  8. Aid groups demand humanitarian access in Syria
    Beirut: Nearly 130 organisations have called for immediate and permanent humanitarian access to civilians throughout Syria to help relieve the immense suffering caused by the country’s civil war.
  9. Maliki: Saudi and Qatar at war against Iraq
    Iraqi prime minister accuses Riyadh and Doha of declaring war against his country in rare direct attack on Gulf states.
  10. Sigh of relief after ISIL retreat
    Withdrawal of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant fighters from northern Syrian town gives residents hope.