1. In Iraq, Anbar Faces Extremists Stronger Than Those U.S. Fought
    The extremists now committing a wave of attacks in Iraq’s Anbar province are better trained, funded and equipped than the al-Qaida-linked groups American soldiers battled there, says Brett McGurk, one of the State Department’s top officials for Iraq.
  2. Attack on polio team kills two policemen in NW Pakistan
    Peshawar — Two policemen guarding a polio vaccination team in northwest Pakistan were shot dead by armed men on Tuesday, police said, the latest setback to efforts to eradicate the crippling disease.
  3. Bahraini protesters slam ‘Saudi occupation’
    Bahraini protesters have held demonstrations to protest against what they call Saudi Arabia’s occupation of the country.
  4. Bahraini regime slammed with statistics of systematic sectarian cleansing
    Sheikh Maytham Al Salman, the Head of the Religious Freedom Unit in Bahrain Observatory for Human Rights, said non-religious politicians invest in sectarianism in the Arab and Islamic regions to reach economic benefits and create social divisions in order to keep grip on or reach power.
  5. Syria: The strategic al-Zara town Liberated
    The strategic al-Zara town is liberated. The shock-waves that will follow will be huge, not to the level of liberating Qussayr, but to a very large extent.
  6. Iran ordered Lockerbie bombing, claims ex-Iranian intelligence officer
    Iran ordered the Lockerbie bombing in revenge for the accidental shooting down of an Iranian passenger jet by a US navy ship, according to a former Iranian intelligence officer who defected to Germany.
  7. Clashes in Turkey after teen wounded in last year’s protests dies
    ISTANBUL: Turkish riot police fired tear gas at protesters crowded outside an Istanbul hospital on Tuesday following the death of a teenage boy wounded in mass anti-government demonstrations last year.
  8. Syria’s Children Suffering, Dying Three Years Into Conflict
    Three years of conflict are testing the resilience of Syrian children.