1. Turkey vows to protect Ottoman tomb in northern Syria from rebels
    (Reuters) – Turkey threatened on Friday to retaliate for any attack on the tomb of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, in an area of northern Syria largely controlled by militant Islamists.
  2. Interpol: Foreign fighters flowing into Iraq ‘from across the globe’ to join Al Qaida revolt
    BAGHDAD — Iraq has been attracting foreign fighters for the Sunni revolt.
  3. Saudis hardened by wars in Syria, Iraq join al Qaeda in Yemen
    SANAA (Reuters) – Dozens of Saudi Islamist militants have left the battlefields of Syria and Iraq for Yemen, where their experience appears to have contributed to a spate of lethal al Qaeda attacks, a senior Yemeni security official said.
  4. 6 killed, 25 injured in Iraq bombings
    BAGHDAD – Six people were killed and 25 others injured in a string of bombings in Iraqi capital Baghdad on Friday, a security source said.
  5. Cameroon Blames Boko Haram for Attack Near Kousseri
    YAOUNDE — Cameroon says the Nigerian Islamic sect Boko Haram is suspected in an attack on one of its markets near Kousseri – with at least one soldier killed. A similar attack occurred March 9 in the same area. The latest incident also provoked panic in a convoy of guarded Chadian refugees who had fled sectarian violence in the Central African Republic.
  6. Kabul irked at haphazard release of Afghan Taliban prisoners in Pakistan
    KABUL: Afghanistan’s High Peace Council, set up to oversee peace talks with the Taliban, has had no formal meetings with any of the 46 Taliban prisoners released in neighboring Pakistan, an official said on Friday, despite pleas to be present when they are freed.
  7. Assad bars exiles from running in poll
    SYRIA’S parliament has approved a new election law which for the first time in decades allows multiple candidates to run for president, just months before the war-torn nation heads to the polls.
  8. Syrian Sunni rebels claim they hold 94 Alawites hostage – footage
    Sunni rebel fighters in Syria have claimed responsibility for kidnapping at least 94 Alawite women and children and have demanded an exchange of prisoners, according to a video released Thursday.
  9. 19 killed in Pak blasts in Peshawar, Quetta
    Peshawar/Karachi, Mar 14: At least 19 people were killed on Friday and nearly 60 injured in two separate blasts that rocked Peshawar and Quetta cities in Pakistan.
  10. German authorities hold man suspected of fighting for Islamic terrorists in Syria
    The 19-year-old German citizen, known as Kreshnik B., may be indicted on charges of membership in a terrorist group, having been accused of participating in fighting and doing guard duty with an al-Qaida splinter group.