1. Iran bought luxury cars with medical funds
    The Iranian parliament’s recent investigation into a scheme to import luxury cars instead of medicine threatens to erode the credibility of a leading pro-Iran lobbying group that has long claimed that economic sanctions are preventing access to medicine in Iran.
  2. Balochistan seeks Islamabad’s approval for Iran ferry service for Shia pilgrims
    Official says request was sent two weeks ago but there has been no response from Centre so far
  3. Shia clerics to take out rath yatra against Congress
    LUCKNOW: Shia clerics in the city opened another front for the Congress Party here on Wednesday. To oppose UPA government’s “failure” to free waqf properties from encroachment and safeguard the overall interest of waqf assets, the clerics have decided to take out a ”waqf bachao rath yatra” from the city on March 24.
  4. In Varanasi, Modi gets unlikely support from Shias
    Despite the clarion call by Shia cleric Kalbe Jawwad to defeat the Congress and the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls, Narendra Modi is surprisingly garnering support from over 35,000-strong Shia community in Varanasi.
  5. Malaysia Airlines MH370 debris search resumes in Indian Ocean
    The search for possible debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has resumed in the southern Indian Ocean on Friday after aircraft and ships halted to wait out the night and a lengthy search on Thursday failed to find any trace of the jet.
  6. Web extra: Faith leaders on agreement with Shia Ayatollah on anti-trafficking initiative
    Andrew Forrest, founder of Walk Free, told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday that Ayatollah Sistani, leader of the Shia Muslim faith, had signed up to a historic anti-trafficking initiative.
  7. Dozens killed in another bloody day for Iraq
    Clashes and shelling in Fallujah, and violence in Baghdad and elsewhere kill 37 as elections loom.
  8. Syria closes Lebanon border amid clashes
    Syria closes Bqaiaa crossing in Wadi Khaled region amid intense fighting that has spilled over into Lebanese territory.
  9. Taliban gunmen kill 9 at luxury Kabul hotel
    Four young Taliban gunmen died Thursday night in a shootout with Afghan security forces hours after they slipped into a luxury hotel popular with Westerners in central Kabul and fired on guests during a new year’s celebration, officials reported.
  10. Defying allies, Qatar unlikely to abandon Syria rebels
    DOHA: Qatar’s backing for Syrian rebels widely regarded as jihadist militants might appear a diplomatic liability at a time when global alarm about Al-Qaeda is on the rebound.