1. Iran resumes monetary aid to Hamas
    Al-Monitor has learned from Gaza sources that Iranian financial support has resumed to Hamas, but at a level lower than that which preceded the rupture between the two at the end of 2012.
  2. Activists: Syrian Rebels Seize Coastal Area
    Syrian rebels seized control of a seaside tourist site by the Turkish border on Tuesday that allowed them a small foothold by the Mediterranean for the first time since the uprising erupted against President Bashar Assad, activists say.
  3. Pakistan polio vaccinator’s murder by militants raises health workers’ fears
    The unusual night-time kidnapping and brutal murder of a female polio vaccinator in the troubled Pakistani city of Peshawar has heightened fears among health workers struggling to stamp out the virus in the face of violent opposition from militant groups.
  4. TTP, Islamabad to Discuss Ceasefire Extension
    Extending a Taliban ceasefire will be the top priority in the next round of talks between the militants and the government, a negotiator said Tuesday.
  5. UN calls on Turkey to stop blocking Twitter
    The United Nations on Tuesday called on Turkey to stop blocking Twitter, saying Ankara could be breaching its international rights obligations by banning the social networking site.
  6. Arab Leaders Air Deep Differences During Summit
    Arab leaders openly feuded over the region’s most intractable problems at their annual summit on Tuesday, particularly the inability to resolve Syria’s civil war and anger at Qatar for its support of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  7. Indian Mujahideen boss Tehseen Akhtar’s arrest leaves terror outfit headless
    New Delhi: The arrest of a 23-year-old expert bomb-maker named Tehseen Akhtar has allegedly left the terror group Indian Mujahideen without a head in India.
  8. Malaysia releases details of last contact with missing plane
    KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: The Malaysian authorities released new details on Tuesday of the last satellite communications by Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, even as furious family members and friends of the plane’s passengers broke through police lines in Beijing and marched to the Malaysian embassy.
  9. Taliban Attack Stirs Security Concerns as Afghan Presidential Vote Nears
    KABUL, Afghanistan — With security concerns already mounting before the Afghan presidential vote next week, a Taliban assault team on Tuesday turned election offices in eastern Kabul into a scene of carnage, in a new and brutal statement of the group’s intent to derail the voting.