1. Syria UN envoy says militants kill civilians
    Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja’afari says militants backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are killing Syrian people.
  2. Iran-backed terrorist cell infiltrated Turkish gov’t at highest level: leaks
    Ali Fuat Yılmazer, former chief of the Istanbul Police Department’s intelligence unit, has claimed that Iran-linked notorious terrorist organization Tawhid-Salam has penetrated deep into the Turkish government in what amounts to international espionage.
  3. Afghan Election Commission Attacked
    KABUL—Taliban insurgents armed with rockets and automatic weapons launched an assault on the headquarters of Afghanistan’s election commission, showing their determination to disrupt a presidential election just a week away.
  4. Search teams spot colors of Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane in Indian Ocean
    A Chinese aircraft flying over the search zone for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on Saturday spotted several objects floating in Indian Ocean, including two bearing colors of the missing plane, but it was not immediately clear whether they were related to the investigation, officials said.
  5. Turkey begins espionage investigation after Syria leak
    (Reuters) – Turkey has started an espionage investigation after a discussion between top officials on potential military action in Syria was leaked on YouTube, heralding a possible government crackdown on its political opponents after elections on Sunday.
  6. Blast in southwest Pakistan kills minor girl, injures 15
    A bomb blast targeting a vehicle carrying security forces killed a minor girl and injured 15 others today on the outskirts of Quetta city in Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province.
  7. Syria army ‘gains ground’ along Lebanon border
    Damascus: Syrian troops made fresh gains in the strategic Qalamun area near the Lebanese border Saturday, seizing two villages from rebels, a military source told AFP.
  8. Iraq parties jump the gun on election campaign
    Baghdad: Despite the disarray caused by the sudden mass resignation of election chiefs ahead of next month’s polls, candidates for seats in the Iraqi parliament are pressing ahead with unofficial campaigning.
  9. UN brands polio outbreak in Syria and Iraq ‘most challenging in history’
    A UN agency has described the eruption of polio in Syria as perhaps “the most challenging outbreak in the history of polio eradication” after the number of cases in the war-ravaged country reached 38 and the first case was confirmed in neighbouring Iraq.