1. Iran is 2014’s surprise tourism hit
    Tour operators have seen a significant rise in bookings for holidays to Iran, as improved relations with the West and an expectation that Foreign Office travel advice will be relaxed boost tourist interest
  2. In fresh flare-up, Shia protesters, police clash twice near karbala in Jor Bagh
    Two separate clashes between police and Shia protesters at the dargah Shah-e-Mardan in Jor Bagh — one after midnight and the other on Monday afternoon — left several, including police officers, injured. Police said no case had been registered and no one had been detained.
  3. Lebanon army deploys in Tripoli in bid to end deadly unrest
    TRIPOLI: Lebanese troops backed by helicopters deployed in strength in Tripoli on Tuesday in the first stage of a plan aimed at quelling deadly Syria-linked violence in the northern city.
  4. Iraq general election campaign begins
    Campaigning has begun for next month’s general election in Iraq, with Prime Minister Nouri Maliki seeking a third consecutive term in office.
  5. Turkish riot police break up post-election protest in Ankara
    Turkish riot police have fired water cannon at opposition protesters demonstrating against local election results. The weekend vote was dominated by the ruling AKP party of Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
  6. Iranian rights lawyer summoned by Intelligence Ministry: husband
    DUBAI (Reuters) – Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has been summoned by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry for questioning, her husband’s Facebook page said, days after a video of her voicing support for what she called prisoners of conscience was posted online.
  7. Afghan voters brave dangers to register for presidential poll
    Voters in Kabul have been registering at the last minute for Saturday’s presidential election in Afghanistan – a landmark poll which the Taliban have vowed to derail.
  8. Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: Minister says ‘deliberate’ act responsible
    Malaysian authorities have reiterated they believe there was a “deliberate action” by someone on board the missing Malaysian airliner to divert it from its scheduled flight path.
  9. Death toll in Syria’s civil war surpasses 150,000, human rights monitor says
    More than 150,000 have died during Syria’s ongoing civil war, a Britain-based monitor group said Tuesday.