1. Russia rebuffs US threat over Iran oil deal
    A Russian deputy foreign minister has rebuffed US warnings against Russia’s planned oil deal with Iran, saying Moscow will not be intimidated by such threats.
  2. UN: Drought Endangers Life Of Millions In Syria
    GENEVA: The World Food Program is warning a looming drought in conflict-ridden Syria could put millions of lives at risk. A special WFP report published Tuesday focuses on the likely impact of a potential drought.
  3. Riyadh’s court sentenced a Shiite youth to 6 years in prison
    On 7 April 2014, the criminal court of Riyadh sentenced the Shiite detainee ‘Hussain Abo Zeid’, 21 years, from Tarout Island to 6 years in jail and a travel ban for the same period.
  4. Officials face ‘first of its kind’ salvage operation to retrieve Flight MH370 from depth of 15,000 feet
    Reaching the MH370’s suspected crash site will be an arduous task and one that has never been attempted in the history of aviation
  5. Iraq’s Sunnis Declare New Alliance to Challenge Shiite Rule
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – In a major gathering in Erbil this week, Iraqi Sunnis declared a new alliance whose aim is to block a third term for Iraq’s Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, after the upcoming April 30 legislative elections.
  6. Turkey keeps YouTube ban in place despite court orders
    Turkey’s government on Thursday said it would keep its block on YouTube in place despite two separate courts ordering the ban be lifted.
  7. At least 34 people killed in Iraq’s Shiite areas
    Bomb attacks and mortar shells have killed at least 34 people in mostly Shiiteareas in Iraq as violence rages on in the country, officials say.
  8. Syria activists say rebel infighting kills 24
    BEIRUT: Fierce infighting between rival Islamic rebel groups in eastern Syria left some 24 fighters dead on Thursday, while government shelling killed at least four teenagers in a town in the country’s west, activists said.
  9. Iran to rival China in cyber war on west
    IRAN and Syria are emerging as powers to be reckoned with in global cyber warfare, with hackers in Tehran especially posing an ever-increasing threat, experts have warned.