1. Islamists kill second Somali MP, threaten more attacks against politicians
    Islamist rebels shot dead a Somali lawmaker on Tuesday, a day after blowing up one of his colleagues, and vowed to keep killing politicians and wreck efforts to secure the country.
  2. Ocean floor search for MH370 still coming up empty
    An international team hunting for the missing Malaysian passenger jet is trawling the last leg of a search zone for wreckage.
  3. Syrian rebels make last stand for Homs
    BEIRUT (AP) — Weakened Syrian rebels are making their last desperate stand in Homs, as forces loyal to President Bashar Assad launch their harshest assault yet to expel them from the central city, once known as the capital of the revolution.
  4. UN Committee Takes No Action on Iran Envoy Dispute
    A U.N. committee took no action Tuesday on the U.S. refusal to grant a visa to Iran’s chosen ambassador to the United Nations after hearing from both sides.
  5. Attacks in Pakistan kill 9 after militant cease-fire expires
    PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A week after Pakistani militants refused to extend a cease-fire with the government, at least nine people, including five police officers, were killed and more than 30 wounded in two attacks in the country’s restive northwest, officials said Tuesday.
  6. Iran Lawmakers Seek Probe Into Alleged Jail Abuse
    Several Iranian lawmakers on Tuesday demanded a probe into alleged beatings of political prisoners held at Tehran’s Evin prison, the official IRNA news agency reported.
  7. Nearly 90% of Syria’s Chemical Arms Have Been Removed
    Nearly 90 percent of the chemicals in Syria’s arsenal have now been exported and only a few shipments remain, international monitors reported Tuesday, but the progress was overshadowed by growing concerns that the Syrian military may be dropping bombs filled with chlorine, a common industrial compound not on the list of prohibited poisons.
  8. Oman Fights Saudi Bid for Gulf Hegemony With Iran Pipe Plan
    Oman’s plan to build a $1 billion natural-gas pipeline from Iran is the latest sign that Saudi Arabia is failing to bind its smaller Gulf neighbors into a tighter bloc united in hostility to the Islamic Republic.
  9. Iran’s divorce rate rising
    More than one in five marriages in Iran ended in divorce last year – despite the government’s push for more couples to wed and have children to reverse slowing population growth.
  10. U.N. urges Syria to hold off presidential elections
    Stephane Dujarric, the United Nations spokesperson for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, urged Syria to reconsider its determination to hold presidential elections on June 3.