1. An Explosion and a Blockade, and a Syrian Pact Is in Limbo
    BEIRUT, Lebanon — A deal to evacuate insurgents from the Old City of Homs in central Syria hit a snag on Thursday when rebels in Aleppo Province refused to allow all of a humanitarian convoy to enter two villages they had blockaded, as called for under a pact between the government and the rebels, opposition activists and a pro-government television channel reported.
  2. Bodies recovered after attack on remote Nigerian village
    Residents of a Nigerian town attacked by Boko Haram have criticised security forces for failing to protect them despite warnings that the Islamic militants were nearby.
  3. Blast Kills 9 Soldiers in Northwest Pakistan
    A roadside bomb in Pakistan’s northwest has killed at least nine paramilitary soldiers.
  4. Syrian rebels bomb historic hotel in a show of force
    Syrian rebels bombed a once luxurious, historic hotel being used as a government army base in the northern city of Aleppo, levelling the building and causing multiple casualties in a giant explosion carried off by digging tunnels under the complex, activists and militants said.
  5. Officials: Abducted Nigerian schoolgirls likely split up, taken across border
    Abuja, Nigeria (CNN) — Nigeria’s embattled leader vowed Boko Haram’s abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls would be the terror group’s undoing, even as authorities admitted Thursday the girls likely have been separated and taken out of the country.
  6. Militants continue targeting security checkpoints across Iraq
    Violence has claimed several lives in Iraq this week. Some of the most brutal cases include attacks on army checkpoints and the killing of military personnel in Jurf al-Sakhr and Abu Ghraib. Also in the embattled area of Fallujah in Iraq’s Anbar province militants attacked a check point killing several civilians during the attack.
  7. Afghan Taliban promises spring offensive
    KABUL, Afghanistan, May 8 (UPI) –The Taliban announced its annual spring offensive in a statement that called for “backbreaking martyrdom strikes” against foreign targets in Afghanistan.
  8. Iraq policeman’s booby-trapped body kills two
    SAMARRA: Relatives discovered the body of a kidnapped Iraqi policeman yesterday, but it was rigged with explosives and blew up, killing his father and brother, police and a doctor said.
  9. Iraqi army faces death and desertions as it struggles with Anbar offensive
    RAMADI, Iraq — Iraq’s acting defense minister looks beleaguered, his face drawn, with deep bags below his eyes from a lack of sleep.