1. Tight Security as Shiites Throng Baghdad For Rituals
    Baghdad: Throngs of Shiite Muslims converged on a shrine in north Baghdad on Saturday for annual commemoration rituals under heavy security after a string of deadly attacks in the Iraqi capital.
  2. Bombing Foiled at Shiite Mosque in Sulaimani
    SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – Security officials arrested a Farsi-speaking man and confiscated an explosives-filled backpack before it went off at a major Shiite mosque in Sulaimani on Friday, as worshipers were preparing for a religious mourning ceremony. – See more at: http://rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/240520142#sthash.AHQiTJrA.dpuf
  3. French Fight Muslim Rebels in C. African Republic
    French forces in Central African Republic fired mortars and exchanged sustained gunfire Saturday with Muslim rebels who controlled the country until earlier this year.
  4. North Waziristan offensive “not full-scale operation”
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has not decided to launch a full-scale military operation in North Waziristan, the Interior Ministry said Saturday, adding that recent airstrikes and limited military action in the tribal region are in continuation of existing policy.
  5. Three bomb attacks kill six soldiers, one civilian
    ISLAMABAD: Three separate bomb attacks – two in Islamabad and one in Mohmand tribal region- killed six soldiers and one civilian on Saturday, officials said.
  6. UN slams terror attack on Somali Parliament
    New York: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the UN Security Council Saturday strongly condemned a deadly terrorist attack by Al-Shabaab militants on Somalia’s parliament that left at least 10 people dead and more than 11 others wounded.
  7. Soldiers and Militants Clash in Yemen City
    SANA, Yemen — Yemeni soldiers killed 15 militants in a fierce battle as fighters linked to Al Qaeda launched a major attack on army, security and government buildings in a southern city, the authorities said Saturday.
  8. Botched blast targets Nigeria football fans
    A botched suicide bombing that was meant to target an open air viewing of a football match in the central Nigerian city of Jos has killed three people, a witness says.
  9. Religious rights watchdog pushes to add Pakistan, Syria to list of worst offenders
    WASHINGTON • One of the nation’s leading — and official — champions of religious freedom implored the White House to add Pakistan and Syria to the list of nations that most egregiously violate religious rights.
  10. What Saudi-Iranian rapprochement means for Assad
    After months of back-channel talks, Saudi Arabia and Iran seem to be on their way towards rapprochement. This can only be bad news for Bashar al-Assad. While Saudi Arabia’s stance towards Assad remains unchanged, aimed as it is at removing him from power, Iran’s stance is likely to migrate closer to Saudi Arabia’s, albeit for different reasons.