1. Saudi Arabia under suspicion of supporting 9/11 attackers
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not immune from liability for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, since there is detailed evidence in the record showing its material support for, and assistance to the hijackers, asserts a legal brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court on May 21.
  2. Bahrain opposition to boycott legislative election
    Bahrain’s opposition parties will boycott parliamentary elections due to take place this year unless the government guarantees the vote will reflect the will of the people, a statement from the opposition said on Saturday.
  3. Indonesia anti-Shia tidal wave, a dangerous trend spreading to East
    Following months of violence targeted at the Muslim Shia community in Indonesia, the heinous worlds of Tardjono Abu Muas – Head of Indonesia Anti-Shia Alliance – have burned red hot fear into the hearts of all Shia in the region, as they feel the wind of genocide is blowing ever stronger their way.
  4. Petition calls on British leaders to consider Diwali, Eid holidays
    London, June 1 (IANS) An online petition to the British House of Commons has urged the politicians to create a bank holiday for Hindu Diwali and Muslim Eid festival in the country, a media report said.
  5. Attacks kill 16 in Iraq as May toll tops 900
    Attacks across Iraq killed 16 people on Sunday, while new figures showed violence last month claimed more than 900 lives as the country grapples with its worst bloodshed in years.
  6. Indonesia volcanic ash cloud drifts towards Bali, causes more flight cancellations
    People planning to travel to and from Indonesia are being urged to keep in touch with their airlines as an ash cloud from an erupting volcano drifts towards Denpasar.
  7. Bangladesh, Myanmar at odds over deadly border clash
    DHAKA: Bangladesh has lodged a protest with Myanmar over what it called an unprovoked attack against its border guards by Myanmar security forces on May 30, following an earlier exchange of fire in which one Bangladeshi guard was killed.
  8. For one US soldier, five Taliban leaders freed; Mullah Omar calls it ‘big victory’
    Kabul: In a rare public statement, Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Mohammad Omar on Sunday hailed the release of five senior insurgents in exchange for US soldier Bowe Bergdahl as a ‘big victory’.
  9. ISIL ‘kills 102-year-old and Alawite family’
    Activist group says family including old man and grandchildren burned alive or killed in sleep during attack in Hama.
  10. NSA capturing millions of facial images a day
    Leak to newspaper shows US spies collect pictures from social media and emails, for use in facial recognition programme.