1. Gulf actors arrested in action in Saudi
    Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police swooped on a TV filming site in the Gulf kingdom and arrested several actors while they were shooting an episode for Ramadan.
  2. Russian Observers Arrive in Damascus to Oversee Presidential Elections
    TEHRAN (FNA)- A Russian delegation comprising parliamentarians and members of the Russian Central Elections Commission (CEC) arrived in Damascus Monday to oversee the Presidential elections scheduled for Tuesday.
  3. Syria getting ready for presidential elections
    Preparations are underway for the elections due to be held on June 3. Ballot boxes have been set up in all districts of the Syrian cities to facilitate the process amid the unstable situation across country.
  4. Turkey protesters face 100-year jail terms
    Turkish prosecutors have demanded prison sentences of up to about 100 years for five protesters who took part in anti-government protests last year.
  5. Bandar Bin Sultan injected with poison: Report
    A Lebanese media report says Saudi Arabia’s spymaster Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz has been injected with an incurable poison.
  6. Tehran mega storm kills 5, injures over 30
    A rare mega storm has roared into the Iranian capital city, Tehran, and its suburbs, killing at least five and wounding 30 people.
  7. Bodies of 7 militants discovered in Pakistan’s Karachi
    The bullet-ridden bodies of seven suspected militants have been discovered deserted among bushes in southern Pakistan, authorities say.
  8. Afghan president furious at US, Taliban prisoner deal
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai is outraged over a controversial deal between the US and Taliban under which five Taliban leaders were released in exchange for a captured US soldier.
  9. People in Karachi protest Shia killings in Pakistan
    Shia Muslims have held a demonstration in the Pakistani city of Karachi to protest the ongoing Shia killings in the country, Press TV reports.